Sunday, March 19, 2017

Passage Refit Part II

Today my plan is to get down to the frame on the Passage but first things first, its Sunday and that means the Farmers market.  Before I could leave, I needed to search for a tool that I had not used in seemingly months...

Oh yeah baby its Sunny! Even as a native of the great Pacific North West I have found this winter to be dreary, going weeks without a sun sighting.  Not today!

We've missed ya Sun!
Even the Handsome Devil seemed to enjoy soaking up the rays.

I decided in March I would try to break out of my IPA box for the one beer I have every week.  I love IPAs , double IPAs and Imperial IPAs but sometimes change is good.  Went with my German side and had a nice Pilsner by the Commons.

I ducked into the local Italian deli thinking about something sweet but was seduced by the garlic knots.  Have I mentioned how blessed I am to live where I do?

I did find my sweet fix at the market Pie stand,  what is "Irish Apple?" I asked "it has apples, Bushmills, and Irish cheddar" they said.  They had me at Bushmills.

Ok, I got my sun fix and now its time to work on the bike.  You will recall I got some big stuff off last time like; wheels, cockpit, pedals etc. but still had a ways to go.  So I started with the cranks.

I am looking forward to putting the new chain rings on this crank and giving myself a wider and lower gear range.  I really like that this crank has an original Sakae crank bolt cap, unfortunately the bike only had one so I will put a generic one on the non-drive side.

one is the loneliest number..
Last week I didn't really need any special tools but that changed this week, my crank puller got some exercise.

Now its down to the bottom bracket and getting the kickstand off.

The drive side bb cup tends to be a bit of a bear to remove, fortunately I have the correct tool and I picked up a trick that just requires some hardware store parts and makes this job soooo much easier.

It was recommended on a blog I read that if you had a lag bolt, nut and two washers it will allow you to snug the bb cup tool in place - the cup is has a very thin interface where the tool goes and without this hack the tool tends to slip off.  Another thing to remember it that the drive side cup is reverse threaded so you loosen it clockwise.  With the bottom bracket out my suspicions that this bike was just a superficial rebuild, before going on CL where I found it, are confirmed.  There is grease on the bearings but it is neither new nor abundant.

I can also see this on the Canti posts after I removed the brakes

You don't do a complete tear down and leave rusty canti posts...also I noticed something interesting, modern canti bikes have posts with three holes for the spring, the Passage has only one.  That should make fine tuning it interesting.  On to the headset and now I have a nice collection of parts laid out; the headset, shifters and the baggies have the brakes in them, front and back.

Speaking of shifters I have a decision to make.  The bike came with the original spec Huret rachet down tube shifters.  I'm not sure I am crazy about the look, its ok but I'm not gaga.

One year when I had purchased many parts at Rivendell I used my yearly dividend to pay for most of a set of Silver shifters.  Still in the box just waiting. I like them and have heard good reviews.

And finally I went out of my way about a year ago to get some Dia-compe ENE down-tube shifters that I LOVE the look of.
my pair
spiffy marketing shot
So after working through the remaining stuff, even the headset cups, I arrived at the bare frame.

I was fortunate not to encounter any stuck parts so now its down to the real work; cleaning, polishing, and reassembly.  I was hoping to have a Gitane TdF update today but that story has taken some twists and turns.  I think I will have the full story next weekend for you.  Until next time.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Passage Refit Part I

I was going to spend part of my weekend tearing down the 1986 Schwinn Passage but I didn't end up getting to it then.  I did, however,  get to the farmers market.  I saw a cool old Raleigh 3 speed.

Although not much produce is in season right now the cool thing about a pastry is that its never out of season so I picked up a cream puff from the Czech bakery's stand.

And of course I had to stop for a beer, in my continuing quest to break of the IPA box I had a Pfriem mosaic pale ale - tasty.

This evening I did finally put in some time on the Passage.  I had thought about rebuilding back to front or front to back but ditched that in favor of just tearing it all down to the frame.  Now its a work day and I am usually ready for some down time at the end of the 9 to 5 so I had no illusions about doing a complete tear down but I figured I could make a start.

starting point
Since the saddle and cockpit were only on the bike as a mock up they came off easily as did the wheels.  Although the front wheel is going to need some extra work to de-lawyer it, I do in fact know how to use a quick release.

bracket is coming off the axle
bolt coming out of the fork
Ok that was the easy stuff lets see if the pedals are stuck,  I want to replace them anyway with some MKS Sneakers.
Yeah not stuck
If the chain had a master-link I would have probably saved it,  but it didn't and the only thing I want to do with pin connect chains is break them and toss them so here we go.
bye bye chain
I remembered the other day that I had a brand new spare rear derailleur in the parts bin so I decided the non - stock but period Shimano light action could come off.
out with the old
 It came off with no issues.

Rear Drops
When I am ready to put it all back together the new RD will be one of my favorites, a Shimano Deore LX  M581 RD, its about 5 years out of production but you can still find them on eBay.  Its got a long cage for a really wide gear range, and I love the CNC machined base relief LX symbol -so much cooler than a sticker.  And they are only about $40 bucks. 

Since the rear derailleur came off I might as well take off the front - a vintage Suntour XC sport that needs a good clean, polish and lube.

And with that I am out of steam,  I have lots more to do; shifters, brakes, kick stand, crank and BB, the fork and headset, but not a bad start.  I got to here.
getting there
By Sunday I am hoping to have a update on the 1975 Gitane Tour de France experiment as the last eBay listing should be done by then.

Until next time.

Ride. Smile. Repeat.