Tuesday, August 17, 2021

One Last Project Part II

 Now that the bike is in the stand we can address a few things, like the brakes which are mush right now.

I got the old brake cables and housing out and replaced them with new cables and housing from my Bell kit.  And I replaced the brake pads while I was at it.  For the rears I couldn't get them adjusted correctly because the cheap V brakes only adjusted from one side.  So I spent a whooping 12  bucks on a new V brake set for the rear with adjustments on both sides and that took care of the issue.  Sorry no pictures of that.

I took off the wheels so I could tackle all the bearings.

Bottom bracket first and then on to the headset and wheels/

And I added both a bottle cage and pump.

Unfortunately after I got the new chain on the front shifting started acting up.  I am no expert on index shitting or grip shifters and due to time and for my sanity I took it to the bike shop so they could sort it.  I hope to have in back in the next few days when I can add the rack and a few other goodies and call it done. 

Stay tuned.


  1. Big doings going on for you Ryan!! Good Luck with a new life in Spokane. My nephew went to school at Gonzaga and always speaks well of the town.

    1. Thanks Jim, this is a good reminder to do my follow up post now that my Daughters bike is done and at College with her. I am enjoying Spokane so far and my Daughters best friend is attending Gonzaga and my Mom attended their Nursing School back in the day.