Sunday, May 12, 2019

Closing in on the Clunker challenge

I finally got in a ride that wasn't just a short errand on the Trek 520 today.  After being a good son and calling my Mom to wish her a happy day I hit the road.   I have been wanting to ride the Alki loop for a while but between illness and not loving the saddle on the Trek it hadn't happened.

Well today I finally did it, with the help of cycling shorts, including the climb up Avalon which wasn't too bad except that road construction forced me onto the side walk which is not as smooth and consistent as the road but I slogged my way to the top.  I actually felt pretty smooth and had a good spin going today - must have been a tailwind lol.  After today's ride I am at 80 km, so pretty close to the end.  And then I can dry dock the 520 and give it some love.

Ride. Smile.Repeat.

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