Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Clunker Challenge update

I have been chipping away at the Clunker challenge.  I did a run to the hardware store last weekend on the Sunday after the Lopez ride.

From Tru Value it was just a short hop over to the farmers market and since I was there...

I stopped in at the beer junction for a Wee IPA - Pallet Jack IPA from Baker City Oregon.

We have had a string of good weather and last night I was going to take advantage and pile on some kilometers, however..

I piled on some calories instead and had a much shorter ride but the brie and garlic burger was excellent.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the stock Vetta saddle on the Trek and I are not getting along and that has made me hesitant to anything more that a handful of KM on a ride.  For tonight's ride, which I didn't get any photos of, I decided to wear cycling bib shorts under regular shorts and it helped quite a bit.

I mostly ride in normal clothes these days but there was a time I wouldn't have considered a ride without getting kitted up and I still have some Lycra  bibs from those days and it did make the 10 Kilometer ride today much more comfortable and I was even able to tackle the long Admiral avenue climb without any ill effects.   My total stands at 49.98 km as of May 1st so I am a whisker away from being half way done with the challenge with 2 months to go.

I was about halfway through today's ride when I realized that although I had; tire irons and a spare tube I had neglected to grab mini pump - oops!  When I got home I remembered I had a spare umbrella clamp on in the parts bin and I now I am set up to swap the vintage Zefal pump between the Randonee and the 520. 

Side note: Without going into detail for fear of jinxing things there may be some movement on the replacement fork for the Cresta GT.  Fingers crossed.

Previous shot but on the route I rode this evening
 Ride. Smile. Repeat


  1. I just like the looks of this bike. I think it should be a keeper. You are going to need this touring platform so you can ride with me when I finally get up there on my retirement Pacific Coast tour.

    1. It definitely deserves a trial with a different cockpit set up. And Jim don't wait to retire come on over for a beer and or wine tour!

  2. In a 10 mile radius we could literally see a ton of breweries, tap houses and pubs. We could even get a beer with a Major league baseball game attached ;-)