Monday, June 17, 2019

What is wrong with me?

I literally just sold the Ibex and like a nervous twitch I have already filled its slot in my over crowded apartment.  Sigh.  Early 90s Specialized Rock Hopper,  Deore LX components, paint and decals in good shape for the age of the bike, matching Specialized wheels seem original, not horrible Performance bike tires.  It was on CL for $85 I talked him down to $65 as it had been sitting about 3 weeks.

Not sure what I was thinking.  More to come after I have actually ridden it and taken a closer look.

Ride.Smile. Ban me from CL and FB market place. Repeat.


  1. Oh my, be still my beating heart. My husbands favorte bike was a mid 80s Rockhopper. Will this be the MB for you?

    FWIW, I'm now perusing CL for a Dahon folder for my brother in law...Oy vey.

    1. We'll see Annie I have yet to ride it but I did measure the reach and it is more in line with my standard bikes than the Ibex was. I followed this bike for a couple weeks on CL and it kept calling to me. SMH. Good luck with your Dahon search.

    2. And, holy guacabikemole, my sister in law bought a used Dahon Vybe today. Geez, not like they know what to look for - thought I'd get a chance to help - but retired folk they are, and wanted a folding bike after seeing my Dahon...hope it works out...