Monday, January 27, 2020

A very bikey Sunday

I started my bikey Sunday not with an Epic ride but a visit to the Bike Works Warehouse sale.  I didn't get there for the start because I was giving my Daughter and her friend a ride to a birthday party but I went anyway.

I have always liked the Peugeot MTBs and so this one peaked my interest but alas it was too small.

This Nashbar road bike peaked my interest but I already have two road bike projects in the queue and did not need a third so I kept walking,

I was really looking for a hybrid and this Bianchi in lugged steel was very interesting and at $50 not too expensive and I borrowed a tape measure to check the size but it was only a 20 inch seat tube and thus too small so I left it behind.  I actually walked away not having spent a cent but its never a waste of time to hang out around old steel and other bike geeks.

The skies cleared and the temp hit 50 degrees for the first time in ages so I got out the Trek 520 for some naval jelly treatment.

The naval jelly did a good job of dealing with some rust spots the oxalic acid soak did not, (see the rust removal part I post  from the 5th)  I still have some work to do with a dremel and a brass wire brush but things are much better.  After I clean up the last bits I can spray frame saver and move on to doing some paint touch up.

It was too nice not to ride so I hopped on the Trek 850 and rode to the market.

And of course I had to stop for a beer, I had a nice Berserker stout from Fremont in Seattle.  Mother nature made me pay for enjoying the sunshine by pouring on me when I rode home and I was soaked in the 1 km it took me to get back lol.

Ride. Get drenched. Smile, Repeat.

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