Saturday, April 9, 2016

What's that in your Hand? (Raleigh Super Course Part II)

Dude is that a (gasp) bike wrench in your hand? Are you actually working on a bike? Do you even remember how?

Yeah its been a while but I am finally getting to my bike queue and in specific the Super Course of my friend Joe which has been languishing for an embarrassingly long time.  I figured it was finally time to strip the Raleigh down to the frame.
My bike stand had been a bit lonely and was happy to accomodate the Super Course.  Here goes....First off come the wheels.
I really hope neither the seat-post or stem is stuck..
Whew! I wonder what the frame looks like under the layers of dust and grime?
Left side treated with some armor-all wipes the right side left alone.  Hmm there is hope.  Wonder if those pedals are going to fight me?

Ok pedals are off now lets see about the fork and headset.

Ok finally down to the frame, the cranks were no problem with my trusty cottered crank tool,  so now only a few pieces to go the bottom bracket and headset cups...

and oh yeah you noticed that rear brake is still on, not sure why but it doesn't want to come out and I don't feel like brute forcing it, and its in a bit of an awkward place for a hammer tap anyway.  So the plan for now is to clean it up in place.
I had to review a few resources before tackling the bottom bracket but was able to successfully get it out- its gonna need a little cleaning

With the help of another bike specific tool I was able to make short work of the headset cups- they need a good soaking.

So having been lucky enough to avoid the dread of stuck; seat posts, stems, pedals etc, its now time for the real work. Lots of cleaning, polishing, lubing, adjusting and updating all the consumables -rubber, chain, bar tape etc. 

Until next time- Ride. Smile.Repeat.