Tuesday, January 16, 2018

First ride(s) of the new year, ABC and good-bye MotoGT?

In looking at the weather forecast last week I noticed we had a few sunny days on the way and it occurred to me that it might be time to get on the bike for the first time in the new year.

Ride One

On Monday I did a 2 km ride to breakfast at Easy Street Cafe and when the drip coffee arrived I realized I was practicing ABC... Always be Coffeeneuring!

the blurry bike through window is mine
It was a short ride but you have to start somewhere right?   And dry streets, not to mention sun, are a rarity for Seattle in January.

Ride Two

Low an behold it is still Sunny on Tuesday, so more riding and more ABC.

I was reminded on Monday how squeaky the front brakes on the Passage are, so I went with the Motobecane Grand Touring today as it only needed some air in the tires.

I did a 2 mile ride (3.2 km) to Hotwire  for a Mexican Mocha. I went super scaled down on this ride; no pump, tools, spare tubes or locks, which I wouldn't normally do but since it was a short ride I figured what the heck.

Part of my reason for no lock was I knew there was a court yard right outside the front door at Hotwire and at this time of the year it is usually empty, so it wasn't like I was leaving the bike unlocked on the sidewalk.  I actually ran into an acquaintance there and we sat outside with the bike and caught up.

With the skies turning threatening  I decided it was time to head back home. 

Another reason I  picked the MotoGT to ride today is that it might be part of an asset liquidation.  My current job search has gone on longer than anticipated and my finances could use a boost.  I love the look of this bike and I spent a long time pursuing this specific model and size, on the other hand its basically a racer and has a more aggressive position than I find comfortable for longer rides.   Its not on the block yet and there are a few bikes that will proceed it but its something I am thinking about.

May you also have sunshine and dry roads.  As always ride smile and repeat.