Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello 2017

Well folks after a winter hibernation I am back.  In 2016 I had a blog record 39 posts, not sure I will get there this year but I certainly have plenty to do, I just need to pick up a wrench and do it.  Parts have been purchased, a bike sits in the work stand partially disassembled, its just up to me to break the stalemate and start.  In the meantime, while doing nothing new, I did have a few firsts for the year of 2017.

1st market ride 2017
 Yes, readers of the blog will be familiar with a shot of the West Seattle junction, I finally threw a leg over the top tube and took my first ride of the year to my first farmers market of the year.  The crowds and produce were sparse as you can imagine in January.  It was approaching 50 degrees when I took off, which was a nice change of pace as its been in the 20s and 30s for most of the month.  Thats cold for us fragile Seattleites, give us rain by the bucketful but below 40 or above 85 and we want cheese with our whine.

small wheeled small child hauler
 With the dearth of people there was an equal scarcity of bikes, I had the whole bike corral to myself, so I took a shot of this kid hauler in the window of West Seattle cyclery.  The shop also had an interesting special on their sandwich board out front, essentially will wrench for food donations to the local food bank.

I normally clean up and tune my own drivetrain but this seems like a good reason to donate some food and hang out a cool shop.

And of course no trip to the market is complete without a stop to the beer junction to get a double IPA (Sticky hands)

I have half a mind to do an organized ride this year.  I have had my eye on the Tour de Lopez ride for over a decade.  Its not too far or too challenging just a bit of a drive, but that is to the San Juan's which I love and is an easy day trip if I choose.  It would require me to ride myself into shape, not a bad thing and I might even try to get the Schwinn Passage built up to take it on the ride, also not a bad thing.  We'll see, as my Mom used to say when I was small boy and wanted a toy, or a ride on the coin operated Horse in the Safeway.

As always. Ride.Smile.Repeat