Friday, November 10, 2017

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017: Ride 7 Freshy's

The forecast was for dry weather Friday and Saturday and then a pattern of rain for the next week so I decided to strike while it was relatively dry for ride # 7, the finish line of the Coffeeneuring challenge 2017.  Not only did the weather gods smile on me but so did the deities of the traffic lights.  There are 5 lights between me and my destination so 10 for the round trip.  I made it through them all without having to stop! I am pretty sure that is a first.

My destination today was Freshy's, they have been open for 12 years and are within 2 miles of my house and this was my first visit!  They have a funky living room vibe. eclectic furniture and arcade games scattered throughout.

I could have even sat next to the (gas) fireplace if I'd wanted to.

Instead I sat at the Space Invaders table top arcade game, probably a good thing it wasn't working or I might have had to feed it some quarters for old times sake.

Even as I finish this years challenge I am thinking of next year, Olympia coffee, based in the state capitol is going to open a shop in West Seattle.  They had a target open of October 1st but look no closer to opening than they did when I first noticed their store front 3 weeks ago.  So they may be on the roster for 2018.

The data:

  1. Where - Freshy's Coffee
  2. Date - November 10th, 2017
  3. Consumed - Mocha, everything bagel toasted with cream cheese
  4. Details - dry, 45 degrees, bike parking out front, first visit
  5. Mileage - 6.05 KM / 3.78 Miles

Until next year. Ride. Caffeinate. Smile. Repeat


And today I sent away for my prize

Patches!  We really do need some stinkin" patches! 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017: Ride 6 Realfine Coffee

New month, new season and a new destination for ride #6 of Coffeeneuring 2017.  Today's ride was over 20 degrees cooler than ride #5, over the weekend it snowed! in Seattle, in November! which just does not happen.  It didn't stick in my neighborhood but not for lack of trying.  I wasn't feeling hardy enough to ride in snow flurries so I targeted today when it was supposed to be sunny.

In addition to adding a heavy merino wool sweater to my riding kit I used long fingered gloves for the first time in recent memory.

It had been cold and wet enough over the weekend that the roads, and bike lane, got a dose of salt.  Dang! I knew I should have sprung for that undercoat protection.  I briefly thought of using the Handsome Devil for today's ride with its wider tires and heavier frame but decided I was being an over reactive sissy and went with the Passage instead.

My destination today was Realfine coffee where bike parking was nonexistent but I was able to park just outside the door so I had a great view while I was in the shop and in a pinch I could have locked up to the picnic table  but didn't.

The nosh was quite good and if I was in need of a haircut....

 I could have just stepped into the adjoining barbershop.  When I moved to the area almost 20 years ago this building housed a Diva Espresso location but a few years ago the new coffee shop/barbershop replaced them and this was my first visit.   The building has been around since the 1930s and I had always assumed it had been an automotive shop but I learned something today.

It was originally an oil company that delivered oil for home furnaces, you don't see them much today but the very first house I rented right of college had one.  My friend and I had a budget fail and spent one cold winter month without heat, we learned our lesson!

Waiting for today to ride worked as expected and although cold it was nice and clear, no rain or snow.

The Data:
  1. Where - Realfine Coffee
  2. Date - November 6th, 2017
  3. Consumed - Hazelnut Latte, plain crossiant
  4. Details - Clear cold winter day, 40 degrees, zero bike parking, historic building
  5. Mileage - 4.98 KM / 3.11 Miles

I have 13 days to get in my last ride, can I do it? will it be epic? will it come down to the wire like 2016?  stay tuned.  Until next time Ride. Caffeinate. Smile. Repeat.