Saturday, December 15, 2018

Closing out the Rock Hopper

I mentioned last month that I had picked up an 89 Specialized Rock Hopper via the Facebook Marketplace,  This the chronicle of how it got parted out.

The first thing to get sold was the drive train, Shimano Deore MT62 group.  It went for $23.50, minus the $12.50 for medium box flat rate shipping I netted $11.

The next to go was the Deore II triple crank, including alloy dust caps.  It went for $19.99 after paying for shipping I netted $7.50 on the crank.

The last component group to go was the Shimano Deore BR-MT62 Cantilever Brakeset including levers.  I was even able to fit all of it in a small flat rate box and got it sold for $16.16, after shipping I came away with $9 net.  That brought me up to $27,50,  I have been pricing the items with shipping included in the costs and listing them with free shipping, which for some reason gets more views than breaking out the cost of the item and shipping separately even though the total is the same.  The downside of this strategy is that eBay fees are based on the sale price so I paid more in fees than I thought I would.

Today I sold the frame set including the rear rack, headset, bb, and seat post, for $25 bringing my gross profit to $52.50, and after the $30 outlay that is a net of $22.50.  I do still have a mismatched wheel-set on craigslist but I think they may end up getting donated to Bikeworks.

In the end I'm not sure it was worth the trouble but it was fun to play with, and hey I have now posted in every month this year.