Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peugeot AO-8 finished

Not sure why but I was really ready to be done with this project, maybe its just the winter blahs but I was happy to wrap the last section of bar tape on this bad boy today.

I did encounter trouble of the derailleur variety when it was reassembly time, not unusual when dealing with old plastic parts but still a bit of a PIA.  The first issue was noticing that both jockey wheels on the RD were missing teeth.
Well no worries I had an extra set of Derlin Simplex derailleurs in the parts bin..except upon further review the spare had the exact same issue!  Wait a sec didn't I order some spare jockey wheels from Velo Orange a while back when I was employed?  Yes I did and I found them Hallelujah!
 Cool I found what I needed and ...wait what?  my subconscious voice is whispering something about the derailleur being French...yeah so what leave me alone I'm trying to repair a vintage part here.  Oh crap, stupid know it all subconscious! the pivot parts don't match up arrrrgh!
Deep breath, ok think...yes, when in doubt swap it out and I do happen to have a Shimano derailleur laying around that I picked up on sale.  Sorry Simplex I tried to remain vintage but I really want to move ahead with this build.
Now surely the front derailleur will go much easier, just snug up this screw a bit and...crap!  No it won't go easy and stop calling me Shirley.
Not a total shock these derailleurs are know for this exact failure, fortunately in this case the spare derlin Simplex front derailleur worked
and I was much more deliberate and gentle with the snugging up the bolts (not that I went gorilla on it the first time) and got the FD mounted.

Despite my complaints about trying to get this bike done and my shots in the earlier post about how they made this bike on the cheap there are lots of cool makers marks on this bike that you just don't see much of these days, its stickers and decals not engraved like these.
Although sometimes it takes a bit of elbow grease to get those marks to show through

In the end it all came together. I hope it makes a reliable commuter or errand runner for a smaller rider.

The stand is empty right now, hmm wonder what should go in there next...?  As always


  1. I love yellow bicycles. Could this be the "female" version of your Peugeot?

  2. Hey Anniebikes thanks for stopping by, how's your UO-14 doing? Thanks for the link I love seeing people using lugged French bikes from the 70's and customizing them for their own purpose. I would guess that the Mixte is a UO-18 the "unisex" version of the ubiquitous UO-8 -note the chrome forks, rather than the AO-18, no chrome, which would be the sister to the bike I just finished. Sorry that is my bike geek coming out and too much time spent on sites like this .

  3. Ryan, Nice job pushing through the final glitches. I know that when a project gets close to the end and little problems pop up when you just want to be finished, can be frustrating.
    The yellow color of this finish is striking and I'll bet it attracts a buyer pretty quickly. Sometimes it is prudent to be listening to the little voices in our heads!!

    1. Thanks Jim, yes I kind of knew even as I ignored that little voice it was going to come back and bite me...LOL. This bike is in the best shape paint and decal wise of any bike boom bike I have ever worked on. With a coat of wax the Yellow really shines bright. It did sell on the first weekend to a father who bought it for his early teen son to ride on the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride with his pops this year. He said "I didn't want to spend a ton cause he's just going to out grow it in a few years" hoping it provides good service for those few years and I know first hand its much easier to ride the 200 miles to Portland on a road bike with road tires than a Mountain bike with knobbies, although people do it.

  4. Hey Ryan, very nice work, as always. I'm with Coach Bangs, that yellow looks really sweet. I'm starting to think about doing another drive train rebuild on the Le Tour, putting her back in geared mode rather than single speed. I have new bike fantasies rattling 'round my head, but I have also been laid off since Thanksgiving and the savings have dwindled to...well, I'm thinking about rebuilding the Schwinn.

    Life ain't that bad when your happy with what you have.


    1. Thanks for stopping by TPC, I too was waylaid..err..laid off just before thanksgiving, I guess that's in part why I have had some time to finish up a project or two. What are you thinking for your LMD regear? 6 speeds or 12? are you thinking close ration freewheel or a Mega Range? Let me know Roadie Ryan's Rebuild garage may have a few pieces for ya

  5. Hi Ryan. You sent me this link through the bikeforum. I've got my AO8 disassembled and I've got to replace the handlebars, brake levers, rear derailleur, and saddle. And I need to get the frame painted. I have a couple questions if you I could borrow your expertise. My email is I teach at UCSB.