Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Watch this space or no not this space but another space - oh just read below!

So I have it on good authority that the Trailer Park Cyclist may do some "Ghost Posting"  on the currently dormant site

Said posting may include updates on little miss Dangerous aka a Schwinn Letour and also a new acquisition by the TPC that looks a bit like this
You heard it here first folks check in over the next few weeks to see what happens


  1. Yeah. Like an Elvis sighting, I may be in Las Vegas for the bike show and furthermore I might have to come back from the hereinafter just to boost my brethren's readership.

    Are any of you guys drinking these new ciders? Man!

    But don't worry, I am 50% certain that I can sober up long enough to catch a plane, piss off 50% of everyone at Interbike, get thrown out, pedal a bicycle stolen (loaned? lended? borrowed?) from Surly to pedal 100 miles north to visit my son Beau in prison, and still be back at the trailerf park in time to report in to my probation officer.

    All it takes is a bad attitude and meticulous planning.


    1. You can blog from the big house right?