Saturday, August 20, 2016

Errands, and vacation bikes

Since I can't seem to get started cleaning the parts for the Gitane TdF so I can list them on the Ebay, so I can ship them, I thought I would work backwards and get the flat rate packages from the Post Office. And I thought that;  hmmm the post office is only 2 blocks further than the Farmers Market- I could ride my bike.  And then I countered that with the thought there is a slight up hill (2% grade) in the last block and its hot out (whine).  I need to say here that we Seattleites are heat wimps, at about 75 degrees we start complaining, at 85 degrees we start melting, at about 95 some of us start spontaneously combusting and god help us if it reaches 100.  Give us 68 straight days of 45 degrees and drizzle - no problem but heat? Nooooo.  Yesterday we had a record high for the day of 95 degrees.  Since it was only in the high 70s mid morning I decided to tough it out ride the damn bike, but I did pack a water bottle.  I determined a couple things on the ride.  I am woefully out of cycle shape , a 2% grade feels like 20%, and my rear tire was a bit low.  There is a difference between low pressure and no pressure, and I was very close to no pressure so I addressed that when I got back.

I recently had a lovely long weekend on Orcas Island, an annual trip I take with my Daughter and dog in August.  I am fortunate to have a friend whose parents were smart enough to buy some land there back in the early 1970s so we get to semi "glamp" each year.


We are fairly close to a marina where the dog and I can hang out in the early morning while the girl snoozes.

rough duty
While we did alot of activities on the Island one of the things I love most is just hanging out; reading and enjoying the quiet, nature, the smell of warm pine trees, and the sense that time has slowed just a bit. And seeing the Milky Way at night and a few shooting stars is pretty cool too.

reading girl

snoozing pup
And while I didn't bring a bike or rent one or ride at all that didn't stop my vintage bike radar from going off occasionally, by the marina I spotted not one but two cool old Bridgestone's.

The Bridgestone XO series is rare and legendary so it was very cool to run across one on Orcas.

And not far away on the dock was a nice Bridgestone road bike an R400.

catalog shot

non drive side

Seat-tube cluster

Until next time. Ride.Smile.Repeat.


  1. One of those old 'Stones would certainly qualify as grail-worthy. I am of course still haunted by that '87 Myata 1000 I let slip from my grasp ($50!).

    I gotta tell ya, that Orcas place looks pretty good. They got any trailer parks there? By the way, why not a guest post from reading girl? I always got a kick out of the stuff Fatty's daughters would put up when they guest posted. It was some of my favorite stuff, except maybe when a certain trailer dweller dropped by...ahem...

    Be that as it may, your black dog is the exact replica/twin of my yellow one. Labs are the best, wouldn't you say?

    I'm back in harness, this time in Sarasota, still nights, still OZ steaks. Bossing the crew full time now and my erstwhile son Beau is enroute to take over the company and fix everything so all I have to do is spread electronic fertilizer and pedal my bike.

    But I can't stop looking at little sea-worthy sailboats and thinking about islands...

    OK. Just checking in, me droogie. Now I gotta try for a couple hours sleep before it all starts all over again.


  2. back in the harness..I'm happy for you(?) Yeah those B'Stones were sweet and I wouldn't say no to one coming across my path. Orcas is great, I have been going there for nearly 30 years and it doesn't get old. I agree labs are the best, Shep was a rescue and I think hes about 65% lab, 25% German shepard (nose, ears, tail) and 10% mutt. Not sure the girl would be interested in posting, she doesn't even want me putting her picture on FB these days but maybe someday I'll have her post about what she likes about the Peugeot Mixte