Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunny Sunday ride

Olympic range

It was simply too nice out not to go for a ride today.  Earlier this week it was raining buckets so the sunshine and blue skies were a welcome change and a good reason to throw a leg over the top tube.  Normally I just head for the farmers market but I had a text from my Daughter, who on winter Sundays goes skiing with her mom, and my girl noted that the family dog was sad his mamma and girl had left him (hint, hint dad) so I made a stop since it was only a few blocks out of way and gave some love to the hound.

such a good boy

I did actually spot one cool bike today.  This Cannondale R300 started out life as an entry level road bike (probably in the late 90's), I had the R800 which was a few steps up, and the owner has turned it into what appears to be a very nice porteur.  Nice north road bars, city brake levers, bar-end shifters and a VERY generous front basket.

I normally get produce to juice at the market but things are pretty thin in early February unless you want apples, potatoes or leeks.  This week I got some local roasted hazelnuts and some raspberry strudel from the Czech bakery down the street.  I am munching on the strudel, after warming in the oven,  while writing this.

A trip to the market of course means a stop at the beer junction, in this case for a Port Mongo Imperial IPA.  Candy gram for Mongo? And while I was there I even got to watch a bit of the Lady Beavs basketball (from my beloved Alma mater Oregon State) take on the Lady Bruins on the Pac 12 network whilst sipping that fine brew. 

Just a lovely day to be outside and pedaling.

blue skies coming my way
As always: Ride. Smile. Repeat.


  1. Hey Ryan,
    Just wanted to let you know I've been watching your blog for the last couple years and have really enjoyed the accounts of the rebuilds you've done. So much so that I am now doing my own overhauls. I've put a few photos on instagram, and am inspired to blog about my projects after reading your accounts. Keep putting the stories out there, I really enjoy them!

    1. Hey Iowa Gravel thanks for stopping by and thanks for the very kind words. There are quite a few stories that I have started and hope to finally finish this year.