Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Passage Refit Part I start of disassemby

I was going to spend part of my weekend tearing down the 1986 Schwinn Passage but I didn't end up getting to it then.  I did, however,  get to the farmers market.  I saw a cool old Raleigh 3 speed.

Although not much produce is in season right now the cool thing about a pastry is that its never out of season so I picked up a cream puff from the Czech bakery's stand.

And of course I had to stop for a beer, in my continuing quest to break of the IPA box I had a Pfriem mosaic pale ale - tasty.

This evening I did finally put in some time on the Passage.  I had thought about rebuilding back to front or front to back but ditched that in favor of just tearing it all down to the frame.  Now its a work day and I am usually ready for some down time at the end of the 9 to 5 so I had no illusions about doing a complete tear down but I figured I could make a start.

starting point
Since the saddle and cockpit were only on the bike as a mock up they came off easily as did the wheels.  Although the front wheel is going to need some extra work to de-lawyer it, I do in fact know how to use a quick release.

bracket is coming off the axle
bolt coming out of the fork
Ok that was the easy stuff lets see if the pedals are stuck,  I want to replace them anyway with some MKS Sneakers.
Yeah not stuck
If the chain had a master-link I would have probably saved it,  but it didn't and the only thing I want to do with pin connect chains is break them and toss them so here we go.
bye bye chain
I remembered the other day that I had a brand new spare rear derailleur in the parts bin so I decided the non - stock but period Shimano light action could come off.
out with the old
 It came off with no issues.

Rear Drops
When I am ready to put it all back together the new RD will be one of my favorites, a Shimano Deore LX  M581 RD, its about 5 years out of production but you can still find them on eBay.  Its got a long cage for a really wide gear range, and I love the CNC machined base relief LX symbol -so much cooler than a sticker.  And they are only about $40 bucks. 

Since the rear derailleur came off I might as well take off the front - a vintage Suntour XC sport that needs a good clean, polish and lube.

And with that I am out of steam,  I have lots more to do; shifters, brakes, kick stand, crank and BB, the fork and headset, but not a bad start.  I got to here.
getting there
By Sunday I am hoping to have a update on the 1975 Gitane Tour de France experiment as the last eBay listing should be done by then.

Until next time.

Ride. Smile. Repeat.

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