Sunday, June 15, 2014

1977 Raleigh Record LTD Mixte -upcoming restoration project.

About three years ago I participated in a bike packing event for Bicycles for Humanity and came home with a Raleigh Record Mixte, not many road bikes make the trip to Africa because they don't do well on the rough roads.

My usual deal with the man who runs the events is I get to select an old road bike thats not getting packed off to Africa if I make a donation to the local bike co-op, which I am happy to do.  A little research showed this Mixte to be a 1977 model.
The red paint is a bit faded but I think the Meguiars 3 step wax process that I used on the Fiorelli will bring it back to a reasonable shine.

This bike is also unique for the fact that it has a Brooks saddle...that is not leather! I had never seen one like this before and didn't even know Brooks made saddles from any other material besides leather.
A vinyl Brooks!?

One reason that this bike has been in the project queue for so long is it had the dreaded stuck stem.  I tried many things to get it unstuck but finally had to resort to amputation and I still have the bit left in the fork steerer-tube to cut out so the frame has languished for a while and its wheel-set has since been used on another project.

That has all changed recently however, my Niece is going to go to grad school and needs a bike.  I would be happy build a bike up for her in any case but the fact that she going be attending my alma mater makes this an extra special project. (Editors note: she will be getting a Masters degree in English and Film at Oregon State University and teaching English Composition)

In addition to getting all the normal upgrades to tires, cables and chain we are going to go with a city bar set up like I did on her Mom's Schwinn LeTour III I am thinking something like the Wald #8095 bars.

I have also ordered up set of new alloy hub, 36 spoke 27 inch wheels to replace the long departed original set.  I recommended to my Niece we go with bolt on rather than quick release since that might be a theft deterrent.  This bike will also have a first for me, a Wald wire front rack.  I thought she would want to go wicker but she wanted something more practical so wire it is.  Like me she likes the shiny silver look.

Now I just need to spend some time with the frame and a hacksaw blade to get the old stem out and I can start building this frame back up.  Should be a fun project.  Until next time;


  1. I recently purchased a Wald rear rack for Little Miss, who is currently hanging in the work stand totally devoid of parts. She is getting yet another rebuild, and this time when I am finished there will be no original parts other than the down tube shifters.

    You can cut the top half off that front basket and get a pretty cool Porteur look...especially with those bars.

    A vinyl Brooks? Weird. I'll probably come back later and type some more. What will her grad school project be?

  2. Tim Joe sounds like you got a post or two in ya regarding the Little Miss rebuild - down to the frame with all new parts (minus DT shifters) coming?? Do Tell!

    The new income went to my head a bit this month and I have new tires (Panaracer Paselas) and saddle (Brooks Imperial) coming for the MB Grand Touring so I can do some actual riding this summer.

    My Niece would like to be an English professor some day, she is going to attend good old Oregon State University in lovely Corvallis Oregon in the heart of the Willamette valley. Go Beavers ;-)

  3. I too would one day like to be an English teacher. I write very inventive sentences with little regard for syntax or sales tax or any other taxing thing other than whatever it takes to get the job done. Also, I have perfected the art of dangling my participles in public and getting away with it. See? So if your niece needs any help with her homework, let me know.

    Yeah, this new steady job that has me home all the time and less than exhausted (those effin' McGreases were killing me.) leaves me time for a little more bike riding (and shopping.) Plus, watching Cromwell merrily punch in orders for his new Bike (and extra parts) kinda inspired me. Last night I ordered a Vuelta Corso Pro Crankset and an Origin 8 Classique Sport stem.

    I'm using "entry level" stuff working on the theory that NEW entry level is equal to 30 year old sorta-good.

    No brifters or bar ends for Little Miss. I'll be sticking with the DT's but I am thinking about new shifters. The original Shimano Altus units are feeling their years and I have to do that re-tighten-after-each-shift thing. (Which ain't that big a deal, since I only shift about three times on any given ride.) But I am trying to get her buffed and ready for little tours and the grocery and beer runs and so on...I seriously think the end product will be Surly LHT enough, Trailer Park Style...

    Then I will stop spending on her and get serious about the Next Bike. I will turn sixty a year from now (July) and it would not be impossible, if I start saving and building now, to do the Divide, or the juiciest parts of it, next year to celebrate becoming Officially Old. And how cool would it be to die fighting off a Grizzly with a titanium spork?

    What Bike? The Divide trail doesn't seem that daunting, really. Just long and a lot of dirt. Not all that technical, that I can see. Plus I'm sorta enamored of a BOB trailer. (For the love of Lob, don't tell Gypsy.) But roughing it ain't my style. I won't be bringing a keg due to cooling issues, but there will be a need for Many Aluminum Cans Cooled In Mountain Streams. (Note to self: pick routes with beer stores and cooling streams)

    Those BOB's get catch plenty of hell, but I have read MANY journals over at Crazy Guy talking about how great they are. (dangling participle) In a way, a bicycle trailer is kinda LIKE a dangling participle: a logt of people don't like 'em, but they get the job done.

    I warned ya I might come back.


    1. It just sunk in about the REAL Brooks ya bought. B-17 imperial? My Drean Saddle! Go Boy!

    2. Tim Joe always good to have you back. You may have seen this but himself over at Rivbike loves the present day Altus derailleur I like the Origin 8 stuff and have used it many times with no regrets. Hope you will post about your remake/rebuild of little Miss. I like your Divide idea, I am turning 50 this July and will lucky to ride 50 meters on my Birthday but I am thinking about doing a little credit card touring overnight on the new to me Grand Touring in September after I have a few miles in my legs and a few less pounds in my gut LOL.

      Have fun with little Miss and dreaming your dream bike.


    3. Dangit I bought a Tourney but would have got the Altus if I knew about it. No prob...if the Tourney dissatisfies I will get the Altus later. What about DT shifters? Any suggestions?

    4. Tim Joe I think the Tourney is a fine choice, for DT shifters is there any reason not to use the originals? If you are looking for something new I really like these- ,I used them on the Velo Orange Rando build.