Sunday, June 29, 2014

1979 Peugeot Sports (UO-8) part III- Finished

In my last post I had walked away from a frustrating session with this bike, but with some time and contemplation I walked back and was able to get a 5 speed free wheel on the rear hub to work with the new derailleur.  After dialing in the shifting I was finally able to move onto to running new brake cables and housing.
neat and tidy with cable end cap
And cleaning up the shift cables by cutting off the excess and crimping the cable ends.
This is definitely more of a "franken-bike" than I am used to building up but I decided early on I was going for a functional beater bike and I think thats what I ended up with.  It has mismatched wheels (700c rear, 27 inch front) and used but functional tires.  Not one piece of the original drive train remains; a new Shimano RD and vintage SunTour FD and stem shifters replacing broken or non-existent Simplex pieces.  As I mentioned in the last post the front and rear brakes are mismatched to accommodate the funky wheel-set.  The pedals are scavenged from my parts bin.  I did however put work into the bike to make it sound functional transport;

  • New rear derailleur
  • New shift cables and housing
  • New brake cables and housing
  • New Chain
  • New bar tape
  • Headset rebuilt
  • brakes and shifting adjusted
  • Seat-post and stem removed, cleaned, lubed and reset.
Overall I think it turned out alright and its now on Craigslist where I have been honest in my description and fair, I think, in my pricing so we will see if it gets snapped up.

Now that my work stand is free,  I have my Nieces Raleigh mixte to build up and I also have a few new bits for the Motobecance Grand Touring, so I should have plenty to keep me busy on the upcoming long weekend.  Until next time


  1. You know on an old entry level bike like this one, I don't think it matters that the parts are mismatched. You can't tell by looking at it that the wheels are different sizes and having a slightly taller wheel in the front probably will make it more comfortable. What matters is that it runs well and it looks quite nice. The black paint with the blue tape looks really sharp.

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure about the blue bar tape (cloth) at first but its what I had laying around and I agree it came out looking pretty good. And yes the wheels are close ISO 622 vs 630, you can't swap tires on them but they work fine together.

  2. And it sold on the first day, so I guess the price was right.

  3. You know I love running a 36 spoke 27" front wheel on my bike. Plus I think maybe the trail geometry is better served with the stock size rim. It might be my imagination, though. But I can definitely say there is something happening in the handling with the 40's I have on there now...oversteer or understeer, I don't know. Plus the tires are so heavy there might be some kind of flywheel effect going on.

    I also plan to spend the holiday putting Little Miss back together with all her new parts. But first I gotta do some sanding and painting.

    That is a fine bicycle project. That it sold so fast...well, back when I was in business and some Contractor/Developer snapped up my bid without any argument it would make my joy at getting the job a little bittersweet, if you know what I mean. But bicycles are special, and it must be very gratifying to put a solid old machine into the hands of a proud new owner.

    Way to go, Bro.


  4. Thanks Tim Joe, I look forward to updates, post holiday, on the Little Miss project. I know what you mean by bittersweet ..could I/should I have asked for more?... but I was ready to move this bike along to someone who could use it and now I can focus on the bike for my Niece and well maybe a little time with the Grand Touring too.