Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Visit to Portland

stock footage Sunday Parkways

I grew up in Portland Oregon and still have many friends and family living there so I visit a couple times a year.  In the summer, I try to time my trip with a Sunday Parkways event  my daughter and I have done this with some good friends and their daughter for the last few years and it's always a blast.  We missed out on doing it this trip but I hope to be able to post about it next year.  Last weekend we were  just in town for visiting but I was struck by how much bikes kept coming up even though I wasn't doing any riding.

My friends live in the Hollywood district of Portland and bikes seem to be all around in their neighborhood.  There are places on the streets where a car parking space has been given over to a "bike corral".

And there are public bike stands with tools and pump if the urge to wrench over comes you.

The Hollywood district is also home to Velo Cult  a very cool bike shop that; focuses on vintage bikes and gear, serves craft beer and coffee and has a stage for live music.  I try to visit every time I stay with my friends and if I lived there I am not sure I would ever leave the shop!

My friends live in a cool "Old Portland" style house with a deep porch that is great for sitting on in the mornings with the paper and a cup of joe watching the world go by.

And their street happens to be a designated bike way, a low traffic street that is part of a bike route, so its great for watching the bikes go by, like being on a canal and watching ship traffic.
I think my favorite thing is that fact that every where I look when I walk their neighborhood I see vintage bikes.  They are all over the place!
Vintage Treks
Raleigh 3 speeds
Add in good food, good friends, did I mention the beer?  and you have a perfect summer weekend.  As always Ride.Smile.Repeat.


  1. I love all your pictures of bikes that have been re-purposed and serving somebody new. I get the same vibe when I can get down to old town Ft. Collins. People get downright creative in re-working their bikes.
    Something about those 3-speed Raleighs that get me going

    1. Totally agree Jim, that is one of the things I find so cool is that people have obviously personalized them with new bar tape or wheels/tires or a rack or what have you but they are still getting use out of a vintage frame set. One less worthy cool bike in a landfill or smelter and one more person with a bike that works for them-a win all around.

  2. Portland. Yeah. Looks pretty good from here in the Swamp. I am almost decompressed from my three weeks of hard labor in West Palm Beach, and another job starts Wednesday. There must be a reason for all this working...

    All that vintage wonderfulness! I think I would like to go to Portland. And Missoula. And Santa Cruz...

    1. Well TPC I am biased but I think Portland is worth a trip of course so are the other many cool places and not enough time. Hope you get some time to work on that cool bike project you have going.