Sunday, August 10, 2014

Early 80's Nishiki Sport

This Nishiki Sport belonged to my friend Karen, this was her college bike and one I occasionally used when I visited Portland.  On a visit to Portland a few years ago I used it to run an errand to a local bike shop, and discovered it needed a little work.  I started out with a 10 speed and by the time I got back it was a single speed as both shift cables failed, at that point I suggested to my friend that I take the bike home with me and rebuild it for her as a "rain" bike commuter.  I think this is a fine example of an early 1980's Japanese crafted lugged steel frame 10 speed.
4130 CroMo- check
Lovely head-tubes lugs-check

I like the fact that this bike is a step up from an entry level 10 speed of the era, it has a lot of cool features like;  engraved Custom handle bars
Shimano 600 brakes, the predecessor of the Ultegra line
Drilled brake levers
In addition to the normal rebuild activities; bearing rebuilds, new cables, handlebar tape, etc. I also went with some commuter specific add-ons; wider 27x1 3/8s tires (37mm) rather than the standard 27x1 1/4 (32mm), fenders for wet Northwest winters, a bell for crowded Portland bike lanes and some combo pedals to handle clipping in or just stepping on and running to the store.

After riding the bike for about a month my friend realized it just didn't fit right, she has been riding a more modern bike for about the last 7 years (one I also built but that's another story) and after getting back on her college bike it just wasn't quite the right fit.   The Nishiki is now hanging out with me while I try to sell it on Craigslist.

As always, Ride.Smile.Repeat.


  1. That's a sweet ride. I remember lusting after a Nishiki in the bike shop window sometime around '75...but I was a poor college kid and my 3-speed had to do...

    One of these days, though...


  2. I agree, its pretty sweet and if I hadn't already got myself a Motobecane Grand Touring I would seriously consider keeping this little gem for myself but I am going to pass it along.

    How's the LMD project going?

  3. Everything on hold.due to being back on the road. I only slept in my own bed three days since the 4th of July. But it will happen soon enough. Maybe.

    1. Home you get some time in the home port soon Velo brother.

  4. That is a nice ride. Somebody is going to get a good cruise about town bike.

  5. Thanks Jim, as I mentioned to the TPC if I hadn't recently purchased a Motobecane Grand Touring I would seriously consider keeping the Nishiki. I agrees some is going to get a sweet ride.

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Colin, Thanks for your interest but this one is long gone

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