Saturday, March 28, 2015

Its like.....well...riding a bike (and working Steel)

Its a bit embarrassing that it took until nearly the end of March but I finally got my first ride of the year in on Thursday the 26th.  It had been so long I wasn't sure I would remember how but I was pedaling along in no time, I actually think I got more winded pumping up the tires than pedaling.  Although to be honest it wasn't an epic ride, I was just taking advantage of the first 70 degree day of the year to do a short ride up to the pub with a friend.
28 micro-brews on tap
My buddy rode his cool old school Guerciotti with its unique lugged aluminum frame.
I went a little crazy locking up with both a heavy cable and U-Lock,

One of the many things I like about my urban home, in addition; to a bus line right outside the door, a coffee shop next door and a hub of shops and eateries five blocks away, is that I get to see alot of working steel in my daily life.  

It might be a lovely Celeste Bianchi Eros.
unicrown fork

Or a nice lugged Miyata Triplecross. 
city workhorse

Lovely Japanese Lugs
A sweet red  Fuji

Or an old Peugeot UO-8 made into a city single speed.
love the no nonsense chain lock
basking in some spring sun

As a sucker for old 10 speeds I really love to see old steel bikes getting used and being useful rather than mouldering away in basements and garages.  I hope wherever you are that you are treated to a nice spring for riding.

Until next time Ride.Smile.Repeat.


  1. Great Post!! You live in much more of a bike community than I do. I would never see this variety of rides in my daily travels. Just not that many people that think to use a bike for transportation in our town. Good for you to get out and just ride instead of working on the current bike in your stand

    1. Thanks Jim I need to make more of a habit of it!

  2. Have you ever been confronted by an owner whose bike you are photographing? In fact, it would be interesting to see shots of owners with their bikes...see if you get any of that dog/owner similarity thing going. I just quit my road job for the fifth or sixth time and trying to catch up on comments... fifth...sixth...weird words

  3. Tim Joe!!!! so good to hear from you Velo Brother, as it happens I have not encountered any of the owners yet and have wondered what their reaction to some dude photographing their bike would be. I will definitely post of I every have an encounter like that. I am in a lull between gigs and hope to be working again soon hope your next Job is close to home for you man. PS I always thought the english phrase "at sixes and sevens" ( British English idiom used to describe a state of confusion or disarray) was kind of weird.