Saturday, November 19, 2016

Coffeeneuring #7: C&P Coffee

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I was saving the best for last and it almost didn't happen.  Like the hare in the story I breezed through the first 6 controls by October 30th, I was way out in front of this thing and only needed one final coffee ride and had almost 3 weeks to do it, no problem.   The first problem, the weekend of the 5th the elevator in my building went out and I live on the top floor.  I could have probably lugged my heavy steel bike up and down 4 flights of stairs but I figured I could wait it out, so no bike ride.  Second problem on the weekend of the 12th I needed to head down to Portland to pick up a replacement vehicle since mine had been totaled as a result of being damaged while stolen.  On the way home I started feeling a cold coming on.

I ended up burning two sick days and working from home the rest of this week, on Thursday, still coughing and sniffling and with my lower back seized up I reflected bitterly that with only two days left, I wasn't going to make it to ride 7 when it had seemed so easily in reach.  

Handsome Devil out front
Fortunately I started to feel marginally better and more importantly my back loosened up on Friday, so early today (Saturday) I set off on a rainy dark morning to complete the challenge.  As I mentioned above I had saved C&P for last intentionally, I live literally right next door -about 55 steps away, so I had to do a two mile ride first.   I didn't mind the cool and wet because I had been convinced a few days ago it wasn't even going to happen.   With the ride out of the way it was time for coffee!
Mocha and ham & cheese croissant
My friend Cam (the "C" in C&P with her Husband Pete) was working the espresso machine and made me my Saturday standard a "weekend Mocha" with local Theo chocolate.  I have been coming to C&P since they opened 12 years ago and I used to joke when I was unemployed and job searching from the Coffee shop that my apartment was my home away from C&P.   Why do I love the place; it's located in an old bungalow, the coffee is great, the people are awesome, the vibe is comfortable and welcoming, they serve beer and wine in the evenings and they host live music.  Why would I want to go anywhere else?  did I mention they are right next door?

I start most days by walking out the back door of my building, strolling down the alley and walking through the back yard to C&P, the back is a nice cool place to spend an evening on a warm summer day sipping a beer or wine and winding down at days end.

As I slip in the back door I am warmly greeted by my C&P only nickname as I enter and usually take a peek at the sports page while sipping my coffee before heading off to work.  Like I said I saved the best for last.  I can start my gratitude list early by being thankful that I was able to complete this challenge and that I have such a great coffee shop in my life.

Summary for ride #7:
  1. Where: C&P Coffee, 5612 California ave SW, Seattle WA
  2. When: Saturday, Nov. 19th, 7:30 am
  3. Drink: Theo Mocha and Ham & Cheese Croissant
  4. Ride: Damp, dark and cool, good bike friendliness with rack right in front of the shop and as my theme continues < a mile from home -in fact right next door!
  5. Distance: 3.26 Kilometers/2.02  miles
Challenge complete.

Ride.Smile.caffeinate Repeat.


  1. Yay, glad you are feeling better! Good on you for completing the challenge. C&P sounds like very special place indeed.

    1. Thanks Annie, its nice to feel a bit better and a relief to be able to finish the challenge when I thought I was going to fall short. And yes C&P is a very special place to me and I am fortunate that its been in my life through some dark times and some good times.

  2. You did save the best for last. obviously a special place for you to relax and find your center. Coffee and beer and live music. Why anywhere else indeed.
    Good series

  3. Thanks Jim, I would have been really bummed to miss the last control due to being felled by sickness. It was nice to have a reason to ride even it if was just a 2 miler, I will have to try some longer coffee rides next time. And yes I do love me some C&P - I kinda feel like Norm from Cheers when I walk in there.

  4. Is "Norm" your C&P only nickname? Or wait...Handsome Devil-boy!
    Or maybe Back Door Man? C'mon, bro, let us know...


  5. Norm is in fact NOT my C&P only nickname. I will be glad to reveal said nickname if you come in person to Seattle - I'll even put ya up in the spare room and buy you a coffee and treat at C&P. Gotta be a little mysterious dude.


  7. It's nice to stumble upon a fellow coffeeneurer. I got directed here from anniebikes. I'm enjoying perusing your writings.

  8. Welcome Midnight rider glad you are enjoying it. Thanks