Sunday, October 30, 2016

Coffeeneuring #6: Cafe Ladro

snow? nah
What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday the sun was shining and I was riding in a short sleeved shirt, today the sky was leaden and I was wearing a merino wool sweater.  I really had no intention to coffeeneur today, but I rode to the market for some fresh veg. and on the way home I had a slight downhill and I just kept going all the way to Cafe Ladro.

You may recall that this was where I went on my Coffeeneruing training ride, today it counted.  I decided to get the specialty of the house -a Medici which is essentially a mocha with orange zest, and the raspberry scone was talking to me so I got one of those too.

And yes despite the coolness of the day I sat outside under the awning in a comfy adirondack chair, in part because I was already wearing the wool sweater and because I had produce in my pannier that I wanted to kept an eye on.

So now I have until November 20th to log one final ride, the last one will be to my favorite coffee shop in the world which happens to be right next door.

Summary for ride #6:
  1. Where: Cafe Ladro, 7011 California ave SW, Seattle WA
  2. When: Sunday, October 30th, 1:30 pm
  3. Drink: Medici with Raspberry Scone
  4. Ride: 180 from yesterday's ride, cold enough to need a merino sweater, leaden skies, good bike friendliness with rack right in front of the shop and as my theme continues < a mile from home
  5. Distance: 5.12 Kilometers/3.18  miles longest ride yet! included a trip to the farmers market.
Ride.Smile.caffeinate Repeat.


  1. Ok, the first thing to say is I have not been hiding under a rock these last few weeks, and, I am now caught up with the coffeenuering rides. I have a few comments ( of course!!) on your journeys. I have wanted to do the coffeenuering event but my little town has only 3 coffee shops 4 if you count the Christmas cup mermaid place. Glad to see you getting about on the two wheels. I am sure even if the Civic is returned you will find a way on the bike. As you know it becomes a pretty nice habit!! You and TJ's storm rides are good stories. I have not had any winter storm stories yet except some cold frosty morning rides into work, but it has warmed up for the ride home. after this weekend the light timing just changed from running lights in the morning to night. I have fenders on my LHT but have not needed any of that as zero rain or snow has fallen and I have kept riding Ogre as my commuter. A couple of years ago I did her errandonee rides and have a nice patch for it. Check it out!!
    I liked your ride of chemical balance. An upper with the coffee followed by the come down of the IPA....good show laddie!!

    1. Thanks Jim, I have been aware of Coffeeneuring for about 5 years and always thought "hey I should do that" and this year I decided to do something about it. My rides are all really short - just the 2 mile minimum- but it has helped to get me out on the bike when I might not have otherwise. One more to go. The Civic was returned but was damaged while stolen and ended up a total, but I am going to buy my Mom's Sentra which is newer and lower mileaged than the Civic and is in very good to great shape while the Honda was a solid good. Glad the winter is allowing you to keep riding for now.