Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Passage Refit Part IX Shakedown Part Deux

I had a few things to take care of before loading up the Passage for the second Shake Down cruise.  Namely I needed to install the new step down ferrule I picked up Sunday and while I was at it I put on a longer rear derailleur cable housing.

With that taken care of it was off to Alki to see how it would all work.

This time instead of going 150 yards I was able to go nearly 15km.  And I have plenty of observations but no real complaints.  It is early days with only a short distance but it will do for a start.  Some observations:
  • I like the sneaker pedals - nice and roomy
  • I like the wider 27x1 3/8 tires 
  • I like the sprung leather saddle although its going to take a bit more breaking in
  • The shifting performs great although the operator could use some work
  • And unless I set the speedo wrong I am faster on the Passage than on the Handsome Devil
I also climbed a very slight incline, not so much to try the low end gears, which worked fine, but more to see the brakes worked under speed going down hill - which they did.

I did make a stop to enjoy the sunshine, and to have a nice espresso shake.  And get some shots of the bike.

With the shakedown complete I could wrap the bars, and this being the Passage project there had to be a hitch.  With the wider bars the Deda cork wrap I was using didn't wrap all the way with one strip but since I had a second box I used both cork strips to wrap one side of the bars.

When I opened the second box, however, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

Same brand, box, color but different styles, I did find the perforated style could be stretched far enough to cover a side with just one strip.

This morning I undid the cork side and evened things out.  I am only meh with the results as I couldn't wrap as tightly as I would like in order to cover but it will do for now. I still have the front rack to receive and mount and I may mount the Velo Orange fenders that used to be on the Handsome devil but that's for later.

This project has come a ways from a bike that was rideable but not really refubished.

Down to a frame

And built up again

With a few upgrades along the way (yellow new, blue mix of old and new):

1986 Schwinn Passage
Part Original current
Frame Columbus Tenax Chrome-moly double butted main tubes, forged dropouts same
Fork Tange Hi -Tensle steel, forged dropouts same
Headset Tange SE-II sealed same
Crankset Sakae SR CXC-T 310 170 mm forged alloy 30/46/50 Same crank arms new 26/36/46 chain rings
Front Derialleur Suntour XC Sport same
Rear Derailler Huret Duo Par the bike had a shimano light action on it which I replaced with a Shimano Deore LX MD 581
Pedals SR -SP-250semi plaform MKS Sneaker
Freewheel Mallard Atom 5 speed 14-16-19-23-28 IRD Defiant 6 speed 14-17-20-24-28-32
Brakes Dia-Compe 960 Alloy Canti Original up front, Tektro CR720 in the rear
Brake lever Anatomic hooded alloy drilled  It came with some Shimano SLR areo levers which I replaced with Origin 8 drilled areo levers
Handlebar  SR Custom Alloy 42 cm  VO Grand Cru Chris's Rando Handlebar 48cm
Stem SR Custom alloy 80mm Nitto Technomic Stem, Tall, 26.0 Clamp 100mm
Hubs/Rim Mallard hubs 36/40, Weinmann alloy Sta-Tru alloy hubs and rims 36/36 
Tires Schwinn Passage dual hard 27x 1 1/4 skinwall Came with Specialized Tri Sport 27x1 1/4 blackwall I replaced with Kenda K40 27x 1 3/8 tan walls
Saddle San Marco Touring Anatomic VO Saddle, Model 5, Sprung Touring -brown leather
Seat Post SR Laprade Alloy Micro adjusting 26.6mm same

And so with that  I declare today, April 25th 2017 to be NEW BIKE DAY! Ok so its a 30 year-old frame but I think there has been enough work and new parts to be close enough for me.



  1. This has been a great project to read about. A big tip of the cap to you for the work and now the enjoyment of a new bike!!

    1. Thanks Jim I am glad you have enjoyed the series and it has been fun to have a new bike to noodle around with