Thursday, April 13, 2017

Passage Refit Part V - 2 bearings down 2 to go

I have spent the last week doing my best impression of Daniel-San; wax on, wax off.  Three times to be exact using the Meguiars process as described in a previous post.  Its time consuming but the results are worth it.  The Passage frame looks great from 10 feet, pretty good from 5 feet but of course once you get closer you see the scratches and scrapes a 30 year-old frame acquires.  Taking care of the rust issues, touching up and waxing should protect it for a while. I finished last night and couldn't resist hanging a few things on the frame.

Put the new rear derailleur on- just because.
And the seat post binder bolt with rear brake cable guide which had been given a bath in the sonic cleaner.  No real rhyme or reason here other than I had been waiting until the frame was fully waxed until I proceeded with anything else and it felt good to attach a few parts.

My overall goal is to have this bike up and running and ride-able by April 17th so I can ride it and fine tune it for the Tour De Lopez ride on the 29th. My goal for today was to reinstall the two bearings I have already cleaned up; Headset and Bottom bracket.

First I had to reattach the upper crown race and lower cup which I had removed for cleaning.  I think I may have also fully amortized my headset tool with this use.
I decided to go with new bearings as I had some (left) but I am not sure I am fully satisfied with the ease of movement for the headset so since I am not too far along I may swap back to the original and every so slightly smaller bearings (right) and see if I like the feel any better.
One thing I did reuse was the black rubber seal (bottom) which keeps out the dust and moisture, I recently had a bearing set replaced on the Handsome Devil because it lacked a seal.  You can't see the new bearings in this shot because they have stuck to the cup (top) with the new lube.

I added the spacer, front cable guide and top nut and the headset is done, for now anyway.  I always like to lay out the headset parts in the order they came off so I can put it back together correctly.  I also find that Zinn and Art of Road bike maintenance has handy drawings in case I forget.

Now on to the BB, I like to be very generous with the lube on the bb bearings, I squirt lube with my mini grease gun between every bearing and lube the threads before I screw it back into the frame.

With the fixed cup done it was time for the spindle before installing the adjustable cup.  With this style of bb I carefully measure the spindle before mounting it as you want to be sure the long side of the spindle is on the drive side to accommodate the crank.

I have done a couple rebuilds where the bb had the plastic sleeve for the bb spindle, its to keep debris out of the bb, and I always seem to forget to put them on when I do the rebuild.  This time I remembered.

You want to make sure you grease the ends spindle where they will interface with the bearings.
I do the same lubing for the adjustable cup side, make sure the spindle turns freely without being sloppy -just right - and attached the lock ring and bada bing, the bb is done.

Now I have a frame-set back together.  Next step will be the wheel bearings.  Until next time; Ride. Smile. Repeat.


  1. "bada-bing the bb is done" A soon to be classic line for the book of your life story!!

    1. Along with the &^%$# wheel bearings won't smooth out! lol