Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bikes, Beer and Brunch

Centurion Elite GT
Went to the Farmers market today under somewhat threatening skies and was not too surprised when the converted parking spot bike corral where I usually park was empty.  As I crossed the street to the market I scanned for bikes on the sidewalk bike racks as usual and spotted a few nice vintage bikes, more than I have seen all year.  Above is a Centurion Elite GT, with the cool center down tube mount shifters, this former road bike has been converted to city use with north road bars and a rear rack.  I see this bike around West Seattle quite a bit, always warms my heart to see old steel getting re-purposed into useful bikes.   Next I saw a couple Fuji's, small and tall.

Fuji Del ray
This is a very tiny road bike that I am guessing by the unicrown fork is from the later 80s it also has been converted with straight bars and its sporting some spiffy new gum walled tires.

Fuji Allegro
And just down the street is the tall sibling, a nicely maintained Fuji Allegro, retaining its drop bars but adding fenders and rack for usefulness.  After wandering the market a bit I make my traditional stop at the Beer Junction.   Recently, instead of ordering a pint I have been getting 4oz pours which allow me to sample more beers, this part is for you Jim, it was a hard job but I was happy to do it.

Started off with the Coca-Fied Imperial Stout on the nitro pour from Fortside in Vancouver WA, strong and smooth.

Next was the Bottom Cutter Imperial IPA from Bale Breaker in Yakima WA, I have had their Top Cutter IPA a number of times and like this one too as you can see I got a bit thirsty before remembering to take a picture.

The gentlemen next to me recommended the next and last taste, Camp Stories IPA from Georgetown, Seattle WA.  A nice way to finish my visit, it lives up to their motto of Darn Tasty Beer.

As I headed back to the bike I realized I was a bit peckish and that one of my favorite restaurants, Jaks Grill, was at the tail end of their Sunday brunch so the Mothers day crowd had died down.  Now before you go thinking I'm a bad son I will let you know I had flowers delivered to Mom and beat the rush, and my 3 siblings, by calling her Saturday to wish her happy mothers day and tell her I love her, she also had the company of my two older brothers in Portland today so Mom was covered.   I usually can't stay away from Steak and eggs here but decided to go with the smoked salmon bene and rather than my usual 12 oz MANmosa I had my friend Mick at the bar make me a boymosa.  It was all delicious as usual.

As I walked back to get my bike I noticed that the skies were much bluer and that resulted in..

quite a bit of company for the Handsome Devil at the bike corral.

And in the next stall over was a Japanese built Schwinn Le Tour ladies bike, still with drop bars but in a very functional form with p-clamped rear rack equipped with fold out Wald baskets, an errand runner if I ever saw one.  I think the bike gods were making up for my lack of garage sale success yesterday, by showing me lots of vintage bike goodness today.  Next time I hope to have a report on bikes and ball parks, until then, Ride.Smile.Repeat.


  1. You have a seemingly blessed life. Nowhere do I go and see other than Walmart gruesomeness racked up (or sitting in that weird defense thing of leaving your bike upside down, resting on the seat and handlebars as though that would confuse any would be thieves)...

    But then again, I live in Florida. Those beers look good. There are a scattering of micro breweries popping up about the county. I was ever a fan of a good Black and Tan, usually Guinness and Bass.

    You know who turned me on to that beer? John Burroughs. His Grandpa wrote a book you may have heard of...good luck to your Mariners this season. God Bless my Uncle Dave. I am in a weirdly sentimental mood lately.

    Maybe the end is near. Cut to Blazing Saddles...

    "What did Gabby say?"
    "He said, the sheriff is near."
    "No, dadblammit, I said the sheriff is..."

    That may have been the best movie ever made. Beside The Big Labowski and Reservoir Dogs and the Usual Suspects. And A Lion In Winter. A Lion In Winter will always be my favorite just for the one line where Peter O'Toole says "God, I love being the king." Or something like that.

    Anytime someone uses "Schwinn Le Tour" in print I get a royalty. That's right, me and Richard made a deal. So you owe me a dime. Do you still have that goofy lamp i sent you?


  2. Hey Tim Joe, thanks for stopping by and I see you have a new post I need to get over and read! I am indeed blessed to live where I do, not sure how much longer I can afford it but I am enjoying it while I can. The beers are as good as they look and there are about 30 of them on tap with nary a bud or coors light to be seen. The M's did win last night and I glanced at the broadcast booth high, above home plate where they have a banner to your Uncle Dave for his time as the broadcast voice of the M's 1977-2010. I sure do miss his voice and when I hear it on a promo or a old video replay I get a tear in my eye, He was a virtual uncle to us M's fans for alot of years and we all miss him. I will make note of my debt and yes that goofy lamp is right next to me as I type, needs a new bulb thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks, buddy. Did you hear that Donald Trump is the President?

    1. I try hard not to think about the Kleptocrat 'n Chief.....sigh