Sunday, July 22, 2018

Clunker Challenge Brewery ride: Schooner Exact brewing

I was actually Tommy two rides today, the first being my usual short hop to the Farmers markets and the Beer Junction.

Near by was this very nice Soma Cross Check, a nice all rounder road bike, you can strip it down and go fast or load the racks and tour or just use it to run to the market.  A nice looking ride.  I often joke that I am a not for profit Uber driver for my daughter, I asked her on my way out to the market if she wanted anything and she gave me a few items to pick up from the french bakery, the kid has good taste, so now I can add Uber Eats to my not for profit list.

I did of course treat my self to some tastes at the beer junction including finishing off with this lovely stout - Devils teeth from Modern Time brewery.

And I picked up some lovely black berries from Yakima, which for me is the taste of summer distilled with raspberries a close second (had some last week from my sisters garden).

On to the main event, the ride to a brewery, I decided I would try to use brewery rides as a theme to putting in kilometers for the clunker challenge.  Schooner Exact brewing is in the industrial part of Seattle SODO, south of the dome which refers to the now departed King Dome. but to get to just about any brewery is going to mean riding the mean streets.

Urban, paved, gritty, not a tree in sight, but the brewery is only 4 miles away so its not too bad.

I treated myself to a schooner of IPA and then headed back home.  Barney did just fine on the ride, besides one dropped chain, and his granny got me back up Avalon, the one mile 6% grade.  I had to chuckle as I ground my way up the hill, a guy walking kept pace with me on the side walk, and older jogger went right by me and then a teenager on a bmx bike blew by me about half way up, I even had a nice lady on a brompton chant "I think I can I think I can" encouragingly as she too passed me, I said I know I can it just takes a while.   That 8.6 mile ride brings me up to nearly 40 km or about 40% of the way through the challenge with more breweries on my list.

Ride. Smile. Have a refreshing IPA. Repeat.


  1. My kind of challenge! You go Ryan.

    1. Thanks Annie. riding bikes and drinking IPA are two of my favorite things so why not combine them

  2. There is an honor all wrapped up in riding a bike for brewery visits