Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beers for Bikes

This last week I got to do two things I really like; support a great bike focused non profit, Bike Works, and drink great craft brewed beer.  What's not to like?  When I originally saw this pop up on my FB feed....

My first thought was "Dang" that's a Wednesday and I spend Wednesday evenings with my Daughter so that won't work.  As turned out though, the girl and I had an adventure on Tuesday evening so suddenly my Wednesday was free!

After arriving directly from work I discovered that most people had biked, of course, not an option for me that night but I love a chance for ogling bikes and there were a lot of them.

parking out front

And I saw a cool bike in person I had admired online.

The Faraday Porteur (better shot below) is a very cool E bike, but while I admire the form, with an entry level bike coming in at $2500 I am in no danger of getting one.  Still, its cool to look around and see one in real life.

There was also a lovely beer garden out back complete with food truck.  

I soon discovered that the delicious Jerk Chicken sandwich was spicy enough to make this meal a two beer affair.  How fortunate I was at a brewery!

As an IPA fan I was delighted to start with a "Velo-Hopter" and finish with the "On your left!".  Of course the cool thing was this was a fund raiser and Peddler pitched in  $1 on every beer sold, I heard later they raised $900 that night, thats a lot of thirsty cyclists!  I wish all fund raisers were like this.  

Until next time.  Ride.Sip.Smile.Repeat.


  1. Nice event. beers and bikes. I agree, what's not to like???

    1. Amen Brother, as I said why can't all fund raisers work this way?