Sunday, May 6, 2018

A lazy productive Sunday, Spa treatment part II: Moto GT

Earlier in the week I got the frame and fork washed and applied the first coat of wax, Meguiars paint cleaner.

 Since I was going to be restoring 2 frames I stocked up on wax supplies so I would have clean applicators to put on the wax and a clean microfiber towel to buff with.

After the initial wash and paint cleaning wax I knew the fork was going to need more help so I brought out the big guns.

And with judicious use of rubbing compound this..

improved somewhat to this.  I started looking more carefully at the frame and despite the initial cleaning I had lots of "dirty" spots in the frame so I started tackling spots like this...

Note the spots below the made in France...

Now they are gone.  You have to be careful with rubbing compound because too much or rubbing too hard can rub old paint right off but it sure helps clean up the blemishes.  It won't be perfect but its much improved and I moved on to the second Meguiars step of Paint Polish.

Before I move onto the final Carnauba wax phase I thought I would use some "frame saver".  I don't know if this stuff does much but I had it, the frame is apart so now was the time to use it on the inside of the tubes.  The frame will sit on the porch to dry for a day and then I can do the final coat of wax.

It was too lovely out to only work on bikes so I rode the Handsome Devil to the market.

In addition to my normal tasting I finally bought a Crowler, at 32 oz. not a big as a Growler but more than just a bottle.  And the cool thing, for me anyway is the can starts out looking like a cup, they fill it ...

..and then they cap it right there for you using that machine that looks a bit like and espresso maker.  Very industrial.

In the coming week I hope to get the final coat of wax on the Grand Touring, finish cleaning and then reinstalling the headset and fork, and maybe even the bottom bracket.  Then on the weekend we'll see where we're at.

Until next time. Ride. wax on/wax off.Smile.Repeat.

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