Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hello Granny!

I saw that Tuesday was going to be sunny so I got off work a bit early and got home in time for a short ride.  Said ride included a modest hill of about a 1/2 mile but in the shape I currently find myself even the most modest incline calls for the granny gear and thank goodness the Cresta has them!   I would have taken a picture of the hill but I no confidence in my ability to start again on a hill once I have stopped.  Avalon ave which is about a mile at up to 6% is my early fitness milestone and lets just say I am not ready for it yet.

As you can see the sky is blue and the sun is out but at 42 degrees its still c-c-cold for this Seattle boy, especially in the shadows.  I am going to need to dig out some more of my old cold weather cycling gear if I am to keep this up.

I promise not to post about any more rides until I do something Epic like a 10 mile ride ;-).  I should have some wrenching news on the Novara soon but I really want 2019 to be a year I do some decent riding hence signing up for a ride in April to force myself to; A) get on the bike and B) get serious about dropping some weight.  No booze or bread (baked goods) in about 10 days and I am seeing the effect on the scale so hopefully that can continue.

Ride in February. Smile (or is his face just frozen?). Repeat.

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