Saturday, February 9, 2019

No one expects the Polar Vortex!

In my post last week I innocently used the phrase "Polar Vortex" not realizing I was doing  the winter the equivalent of summoning Beetlejuice (look it up kids).  And bam! this week we have had not one but two snow storms with more in the forecast.

It's Seattle folks, where the appearance of a single flake can start an end of the world panic and empty store shelves quicker than Congress voting themselves a raise.  The 8 plus inches of snow we have means the city is effectively shut down and we are all going to die.  Meanwhile in North Dakota they call this Tuesday.

Looks like the start of the 2019 cycling season will have to wait a bit...


  1. We need to get you a fat bike!

  2. Yeah they are intriguing but for the once a decade I would need one....

  3. "Hell, I'll even possess myself!" to "I'm Batman"...Michael Keaton is a national treasure.

    So it was you, Roadie? You brought this polar crapatation down on us? It got below sixty several nights last month here in Florida forcing me to put both Toby AND Daisy up under the covers with me to ward of the old chilblains...a two-dog night by definition and I almost went out and got me another dog in case it got any colder.

    But it didn't so I didn't. Three Dog Vortex. Wow. Try to be more careful in the future.

    yer pal, tj

    1. Not sure I can take any credit for the 50 degree weather in Florida just the now 3 snow storm week we are having in Seattle. I might need to round me up a dog or 3 to snuggle, its going to be 24 degrees tonight.

  4. Ha!! Beetlejuice!! Day-o, daaaay-o