Saturday, May 11, 2019

State of the Fleet address II

1990 Bianchi Ibex

I received the  FW pullers I ordered, the 4 prong to work on the Ibex and the 2 prong to replace the one I banged up trying it on the Ibex in the first place.

I got the puller all set up on the FW with the skewer to hold it in place, but it didn't want move... until I brought Archimedes to the party and then it came off just fine.

I liberally doused the back of the FW with WD-40, spun it and then let it dry for a day.  I then dribbled 3 in 1 oil in the seams around the center both front and back and then did some more spinning to distribute the lubricant,  Back on the bike I had no more ghost pedaling so mission accomplished.

I did a quick test ride this morning and the Ibex shifts and stops fine with just a bit of brake pad squeal.  Its up on CL and I did actually get an inquiry but I wasn't really interested in coming down from the priced to sell amount I started at so no joy yet.  I found a pair of Celeste bar grips and if it doesn't sell this weekend I may order them as I think it will give the bike a fresher look and they are only $10.

1987 Schwinn LeTour

The LeTour was briefly in the work  stand but its going to be more work than I expected.  First I thought I only had to do the brake cables but the shift cables need replacing too and I noticed the rear wheel has a wobble and needs some time in the truing stand so I took it down for now to do shorter projects.

1984 Novara Randonee

Its a bit ironic the bars got wrapped after I did Tour de Lopez but sometimes you don't have time for everything.  Anyway I got the bars wrapped Sunday night with the Cinelli natural cork tape.

After transporting the bike in the car to the TdL I decided to forego the disassembly and reassembly process, the fenders make it bit more tricky, and just mount my trunk rack for transport.

And now the Randonee is in a secure cage hanging out with the other bikes at work.  I didn't  get a chance to go for a spin last week but I hope to this week, I did scope out the bike trail access and its very close to the exit to my parking garage so I'll know where to go when I do ride.

1987 Trek 520 Cirrus.

I continue to ride the 520 for the challenge, pictured above at a local bar and grill with the bike share crowd.  I am hoping to do a ride tomorrow that will bump me up to me to about 80 km total of the needed 100 km.  The pedals and Nitto Noodle bars I ordered for the bike post challenge arrived and the Nitto Technomic stem shouldn't be too far behind.  I also have the barely used Panaracer Paselas and a fresh set of Dia Compe brake pads that will also go on the bike post challenge.  Once I get it refreshed I will have to do a back to back ride with the Cresta for comparison.

1984 Trek 420

I didn't mention the 420 last time -its still the trainer bike and far down the rehab list.  As I mentioned when I acquired it the wheels are mis-matched and of different sizes.  I do have a set of 27" wheels in the parts bin I thought of using but realized if I got just one wheel to match either the front or back I could save that spare set for something else.  I ran across a black alloy 700c Araya on CL for $20 that matches the rear and although I have been a proponent of  sticking with 27" wheels rather than converting I thought I would give it a try.  I also ordered some maroon cloth bar tape that I think will match the Trek decals on the bike and give it some color when I do the rehab.

1987 Cresta GT

Twice before I have purchased Carradice bike bags and then had to sell them to raise funds having never mounted or used them.  I found an opened-but-not-mounted one on Ebay for about 75% of retail and decided to try one more time.

I mounted rear rack on the Cresta again to help keep the bag off the brake cable but I am not wholly satisfied with how it looks and how the bag hangs, but it's mounted!!  Carradice makes a wire support that attaches to the saddle rails for this purpose and I may see if I can find a used one but I feel like the Cresta has enough $$ sunk in it for now.  Then again the bag and bag support could always move around to other bikes.  I just hope to use it to credit card tour someday, and to be fit enough to do so.

Garage sale day.

Today is the neighborhood garage sale day I have written about in the past.  I used to hunt bikes on this day but my last experience was that the bikes were all overpriced.  I was noodling around on the 520 to get some Clunker miles in though I did keep an eye out, just in case.

I actually rode past the street this bike was on but my brain registered bike! So I turned around and sure enough there was a bike.  I thought at first it was a Centurion Ironman Dave Scott, which is a very desirable bike. Instead it was a Raleigh Technium (Aluminum) Scott Tinley Tri-lite, their (short lived) answer to the Ironman.  I came to steel from Aluminum but I have thought if I found a Technium for a song I might give it a try before selling it on.  I can just hear some former tri-athlete telling his wife But Honey I tried to sell the bike!  knowing nobody would bite at $250.

This however was not that bike, it did have some nice Suntour cyclone components but I've  never spent north of $200 to purchase a vintage bike not even the Cresta when I bought it.  This bike was a touch too small and its has bonded Aluminum lugs, which although they have obviously held up gives me a bit of pause too, so it was easy to ride on in the knowledge I didn't miss any deals on Garage sale day.

Ride. Smile. Repeat.

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