Saturday, October 22, 2016

Coffeeneuring #3: Red Cup Espresso

On a lovely Fall day; clear, crisp, with golden leaves in the trees, I set off for my 3rd coffee bike ride of the challenge.

Red Cup Espresso was my destination for today, a local independent coffee shop that has been in the neighborhood about as long as I have -approximately 15 years.  The shop has rotated through owners but kept it's comfy community vibe.

The Red Cup also has the distinction of being the only independent drive thru coffee place in West Seattle and one of only two in the area - the other is a mermaid place. I could have been a wisenheimer and "drove" my bike through but A) I prefer to sit down over a cuppa and B) I don't have a good set up for carrying coffee on the bike.

For today I only got coffee, a vanilla latte as I had a pastry earlier in the day.  The coffee was good and since I got it "for here" it came in a red cup- naturally.

hmmm coffee
This shop is really geared towards the 4 wheeled kind of traffic but although small the shop itself is comfy and not a bad place to hang out for walk-ins.  I lounged on the leather love seat in view of the gas fireplace. Today the weather is nice but this would be a great place to hang out on a rainy cold day.

(Postscript) Since I forgot to get a shot of the bike at this shop I used part of Coffee ride #4 to ride back to stop #3 and get a shot of where I was parked.

the shot I should have taken on Saturday

Earlier in the day I spotted this bike in my alley, an Extra Cycle with E-Assist.  When I was carless for about 4 months in 2012 I thought seriously about getting a cargo bike like the Yuba Mundo and something with an e-assist would make sense in my hilly neighborhood.  Perhaps someday.

Anyway to sum up Coffeeneuring #3:
  1. Where: Red Cup Espresso, 4451 California Ave SW, Seattle WA
  2. When: Saturday October 22nd, 11:00 am
  3. Drink: Vanilla Latte -Slate Coffee roasters
  4. Ride: Beautiful fall day, sunny crisp and clear, bike rack out front -bike friendly and as my theme continues < a mile from home
  5. Distance: 3.33  Kilometers/2.06  miles (via the loopy route)
Until next time; Ride. Smile. Caffeinate. Repeat.

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