Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coffeeneuring #5: Bakery Nouveau

What started as a cool rainy morning in Seattle, typical fall day in the PNW, gave way to sun breaks and shirt sleeves kind of an afternoon.   With the unexpected sun and mild temps I gave thanks and mounted up to get some errands done and of course tick off another Coffeeneruing ride.  I am temporarily car-less so it was nice to make a few stops along the way, long story short on the car; car stolen, car recovered, car damaged while stolen, car old and of low value ('98 civic), damage may exceed value, waiting on insurance verdict.   No excuses not to ride my bike for now.

When Bakery Nouveau opened about a decade ago it was a local secret, a little slice of la belle france in our own backyard! that lasted about a month and then word got out and soon folks from all over the greater Metro area were flooding West Seattle to get a taste.  Today you will see lines out the door every weekend morning, with that in mind I strategically made my visit after 1:30 when I was able to breeze in and even get a table.

While everything there is great they are famous for their twice baked almond croissants, however they are so rich I find I need to be either really hungry or have a person handy to split with.  I needed about a 20 mile ride before tacking one.

famous for miles around
My ride was only about 1.5 miles  I wasn't feeling up to the task and I was solo, so I opted for a very fine peanut butter cookie and a hazelnut latte.

Unlike all my previous stops there was not a bike rack directly in front of the shop, instead I had to walk a whole 30 feet away to find one.  The Handsome Devil was feeling a bit lonely while I was in the shop..its by that white sign on the sidewalk.
wait don't leave me!
I couldn't visit such an authentic french bakery and not get my Parisian on...

Tres Bon!
To sum up ride #5
  1. Where: Bakery Nouveau, 4737 California ave SW, Seattle WA
  2. When: Saturday, October 29th, 1:45 pm
  3. Drink: Hazelnut Latte with Peanutbutter cookie.
  4. Ride: break in weather sun breaks and shirtsleeves kind of an afternoon, bike rack about 30 feet from shop so good not great bike friendliness and as my theme continues < a mile from home
  5. Distance: 3.49 Kilometers/2.17  miles (via a loopy route with errands)
Ride.Smile.Baguette. Repeat.


  1. (98 Civic) might be relatively old, but still holds value. ... anyway, another nice post in a very cool series of coffee bike threads...

    1. Thanks Joe the Coffeeneuring challenge has been a good impetus to ride each week. Yeah I like everything about the civic expects for its sad lack of security- a toddler with a paperclip can get into it and an old key can start it, unfortunately a barbarian without a paperclip or driving skills took mine, it may be totaled waiting to what the insurance comes back with.