Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cresta GT Headset: Strike Two! and Thursday musings

My second tool arrived this week and my second try at the threaded spacers on the Nishiki's headset.  I have a Park BB lock ring tool, the HCW-5,  but I thought this tool, the HCW-17 fixed gear lock ring wrench, would have a shallower curve.

It did not have a shallower curve, and therefore...

Neither side of the tool...

..could get the required purchase to try and move the threaded spacer.  The tool for the final try is on order, and the most expensive one yet.  The good news is that the shipping was free, the bad news is that its coming from Japan, apparently via squirrel post,  The soonest it will arrive is May the 5th, and the latest estimate is May 18th, so the headset isn't going anywhere for a while.

What to do with all that time?

  • Nothing - I am good at that
  • Replace the noisy freewheel on the Campus bike as it sits on CL
  • Lots I could do on the Nishiki; 3 other main bearings, clean frame-set and wax, clean and lube parts, replace brake shoes etc. etc.
  • Put the Moto_GT in the stand for a tear down
  • Scour CL for vintage bike deals? (NO! down boy, bad dog)
We'll see what happens.

Since I had the parts and some time I did a mock up of the new cockpit; 44 cm Nitto Noodles, 70 mm reach Nitto Technomic stem and Tektro RL340 brake levers.  

I am just a touch concerned the stem reach is too short but I did measure the set up on the Handsome Devil that I know I like so we'll see how it works when the bike comes together.

One thing I do NOT regret is going with the beefier brake levers, the Tektro's feel good and substantial in my hand, my paw would have engulfed the stock dia-compes.  Glad I listened to the voice that said gee these feel small when I was cleaning the brake hood.

Oh, and I might have ordered a Brooks Flyer Classic Springer.  I think I am done ordering stuff for the Nishiki, we'll find out next month if I add a trip to the LBS to the tally.

Ride.Smile.Practice Patience.Repeat.


  1. I would recommend getting a a REALLY BIG set of channel lock pliers (I have a set that are 18"long) and the biggest ball peen hammer you can find. Do two (2) shots of the cheapest tequila you can find then chug a Milwaukee's Best tall boy. Then, when your vision clears, wave the pliers and hammer around the area of the headset while muttering under your breath about "what happened to the last bike that didn't want to cooperate"...

    After a few seconds just go ahead and spin that nut off with your fingers. It works every time. (extra points if you crush the beer can into your forehead at the same time)

    I hope this helps, bro. Happy Earth Day!


    1. LOL good to hear from you Velo Brother and sage advice as always. I will let you know how it turns out.