Sunday, April 22, 2018

I am not good at keeping my vintage bike stock...

In my last post I had just ordered a Brooks Flyer Classic springer Saddle and I really thought that would be the last purchase for the GT for a while.   Then I got cranky.  My stated intention was to to rebuild the bike and do enough to make it fit and see how l liked it before spending alot of $$$.   As I started to clean things up while waiting on my headset tool I thought about the pros and cons of keeping things stock, that I was nearly certain I would want to replace i.e. brake levers/hoods.  I would save some $$ in the short run by keeping it stock but I would potentially diminish my enjoyment of the ride and the fit of the bike and I would end up doing some work twice if I decided after the test period to upgrade.   Kind of sounds like a long winded justification to fill my Amazon cart but I did try to think it through.

Which brings me to the cranks.  I got to thinking about the crank on the Passage, it had bio-pace rings, I won't say I hated them but I prefer regular round rings.  Cycloid is basically Sugino's take on Biopace so that got me thinking.

The Cresta, in stock form, has a sensible spread of 48/38/28 for the chain rings but I wanted a bit lower low end to get closer to the Passage gear ratios which I had found to be suitable to my home terrain, my age and fitness level.   I thought of just ordering a new small ring but wasn't thrilled about mixing round and oval chainrings so I have a new set of 46/36/26 Sugino chain rings on the way.  Another learning from the Passage, is that I have taken lots of pictures and I am going to do the crank clean up, chain ring swap slowly and in one go so I don't end up losing any washers or forget how it all goes back together.

I think all the rings should arrive by next weekend so I can have a crank rebuild day.  One of my other intentions for this bike is to try and run it in indexed shift mode to start, just to see how it does, it is an Accushift drive train after all.  I don't think the change in chain rings will be an issue since the derailleurs, shifters and freewheel will stay the same.  I am willing to fiddle with the indexed shift set up a bit but if it gives me any guff I will be quick to fall back on friction mode, which has yet to let me down.

I may not be good at keeping my wallet closed for the Cresta GT but I did walk into the lions den (Bike Works warehouse) and emerged unscathed (no purchases) on Saturday.  I was intrigued by this Raleigh Portage thanks to a fine series on the bike on a very good vintage cycles blog by Josh who sold me the Cresta GT.  The Portage was too small and some other interesting bikes, Treks and Schwinns, were too big so I walked away.  Since I want to finish the projects at hand it probably wasn't the greatest idea to visit bike works anyway but it is cool to be around so many vintage bikes with so much potential.  As always...


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