Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bike Blitz Day 2

I didn't get as much done today, in the morning I had a call informing me of a job offer which was welcome news, its not 100% done yet but its pretty close which is a relief.  I also got in a ride in the afternoon, I continue to try and ride hills.  I rode up Admiral on Saturday which is longer than the first hill I climbed, Avalon, and more of a stair step climb than the steady climb of Avalon. On my other rides I rode straight through but today I stopped for an espresso shake to celebrate the job offer.

Today I rode the gentle Fauntleroy, but to get there I had to ride a short but brutal hill that starts like the shot above...

And finished like this, I made it but I did stop at the top to catch my breath and return my heart to my chest before turning onto Fauntleroy.

It was a much gentler climb than the first bit and I was able to do parts of it in the middle ring. Twenty kilometers with the last 3 km going up hill, which was not a bad result for the day.

I did get some bike blitzing done, the Miyata Trail Runner is now in the on deck circle.

Tires for both the Mirage and the Trail Runner ready to go.

I started pulling off bits from the Mirage, the rear derailleur is filthy but....

...the pulleys are intact, which was unusual for 40 year-old Derlin Simplex derailleurs.

The cotter press did its usual awesome job of removing the cotters.

Which gets me down to the frame...mostly.

The kickstand requires a very large allen key to remove, I have one but didn't have it with me.

The seat binder bolt doesn't want to come out and I didn't feel like forcing it so I've left it in for now.

 And finally the non drive crank arm didn't want to come off so I shot some liquid wrench into the cotter pin hole and we'll see about removing it and the bb tomorrow.

The paint and decals appear to be fairly good considering the age of the bike, its just filthy.  We'll see how it cleans up.  Until next time Ride. Smile. Repeat.


  1. I am biased, but I can't wait for you to renovate the Miyata. I hope it's a keeper. :)

    1. Well I did order a brooks flyer for the Miyata Annie, I'm not sure its going to need a whole lot, the cables and housing seem to be fairly new but I will check the bearings for sure. I actually have a ride in mind for it.