Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whinging about Wind

view up top
I have been trying to take a longish, longer than my 2km market run, ride with a hill every 2 to 3 days lately.  One thing I forgot about long rides is that sometimes its windy, some times that means a headwind and sometimes that headwind is in your face for miles.  Headwinds suck.

same view after descending the hill
I had planned on doing a new hill today, 48th ave, a hill that starts gradual and ends steeper.

It was windy enough that it was white capping on the sound and I was pretty tired of the head wind so I cut the ride short and took a different hill, Jacobsen.  Back in my fitter days I had big ringed this hill when feeling frisky, but today I was happy to just granny my way up.  You could say I have now slew 4 hills in my neighborhood, although it would be more accurate to say slogged or survived,  Four down, many more to go.   All this riding from home is making the rack on my car lonely.

I mentioned previously that I had been given the seat post size for the Miyata Trail Runner by a bike forums member and had gone to my co-op to get a 26.8 post...however when I went to put it on it did want to go in, too big!

My first thought was that someone had over tighten to compensate for the too small shimmed post ala the Junk bike but as you can see the spacing in the seat tube cut out is fine and not squashed.  26.8 is just not the right size,  no big deal the post had only cost $5 and I am sure it will get used but no post means no saddle means no ride.

As a consolation I put on the newly arrived MKS Sneaker pedals to replace the ugly stock plastic pedals the Trail runner came with.  I had the idea that I would hop on the Miyata and do a short ride as I have not actually ridden this bike yet, but even if the seat post had worked the rear wheel has some issues.   It appears out of true, the drop out adjusters might be mis-aligned and the axle assembly (spacers, washers, nuts) seems loosey goosey....sigh.  The Miyata will need some time in the work-stand before it gets ridden.  I have some errands to run today and I'm hoping to find the Goldy Locks seat post for it....just right.

Ride into the wind, grimace, hope its calmer on the repeat.


  1. I often have a headwind for my commute ride home. It is just how the prevailing is. It is surprising the difference it makes. I have this new Garmin Watch thingy that one of my boys got me that tracks everything physically on me along with the ride logistics. When I am riding into the head wind my heart rate gets up there and never comes back down. With no wind or tailwind my heart rate stays below 120 and it is a nice cruise.

    1. sometimes you can have too much info Jim ;-) Not sure I would want to know what my HR has been on the hills I've been riding lately

  2. In the summer I love headwinds! Headwinds means I will finally be cool...I just get used to spinning in lower gears.

    1. A very positive way of looking at it Annie