Monday, July 17, 2017

Tinker Bell

After 5 days of bike blitzing I said I wasn't going to work on bikes on Sunday.  I may have fibbed a bit.

When I've ridding the Motobecane Grand Touring lately its been on the bike path and I have thought more than a few times, I really need a bell on this thing!  I had a package arrive from Velo Orange that included brake hoods to replace the one I tore on the Ritchey and I also had a brass bell in the order.  Its ridiculously simple to mount so I went ahead and did it and now the Grand Touring has a bell.  Teacher says every time a bell sorry wrong forum

I had a routine doctor visit today and in the waiting area with the rest of the art was this picture.  This is what happens when you position your brake shoe the wrong way and the rubber brake pad shoots out the open end and you have metal brake shoe on metal rim while braking.  Sparky.  Screechy. Crashy.

Until next time. Ride. Smile. Repeat.