Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tire Tales - the 1986 Miyata Trail Runner needs some new shoes

Current Miyata tires
One of the things that I saw needed replacing on my newly acquired Miyata Trail Runner were tires. If not the original set these are at least from the 1990's with threadbare side walls, they might get me around the block but I wouldn't trust them for much farther.

I thought I had this problem solved.  I knew I wanted Panaracer Pasela 26x1.75 tires with a tan sidewall.  I had a tough time finding them in that size, you can find 1.5 widths fairly easily but the bigger size is elusive.  They weren't at my default, Amazon, but I did finally find them, placed my order, paid my money and waited....and waited.  After about 10 days of no movement I started pinging the online retailer, and they finally came back with the answer that the tires were out of stock and they didn't know when more were coming.  I should have known better and confirmed that they were actually in stock before ordering but I am used to dealing with retailers who are very up front about what is in stock and what isn't.

I finally emailed them to say that if they were going to have some to ship within 24 hours great, otherwise please refund my "purchase", I got my money back.  It's too bad, they would have looked good and they closely mirror what was on the bike originally.  The picture above is from box dog bikes blog, those are the 26x1.5 size Pasela's on a Stump Jumper.  I could have opted for ordering that size but I want to go fatter and with the 1.75 size no where to be found (except the more expensive folding model) it was on to other options.

If I had won the lottery I might have opted for the Rat Trap Pass 26x2.3 from Compass cycles, they look very sharp and satisfy my twin desires for fat rubber and tan sidewalls which is a hard combo to find.

They look sharp as the photo of them on the Atlantis above shows but one tire is 150% of what I paid for the entire bike at $63 bucks a pop.  I will have to pass on those for now.

I don't know where I found the reference but I was intrigued by the Maxxis Hookworms, at 26x2.55 they would satisfy my urge to max out the rubber on the Miyata.  At $31 bucks a tire they are more reasonable than the Rat Trap Pass tires but they would require me to buy tubes as well, the tubes I have in the parts bin don't go that big so that would be another $20 on top of the tires.

The additional tube costs puts them out of reach for what I want to spend, but I am filing them away. They get good for reviews for being solid urban tires and I like the big meaty look as you can see from above.

It came down to availability and cost which led me to the Kenda K838's on Amazon for $20 each.  At 26x1.95 they are decently beefy, they have a tan side wall and a good city tread.  I don't think I will be shredding any single track on the Miyata so a smoother tread is fine.  They have shipped and should be here next week.

One of the reviewers on Amazon posted this shot of his newly shod steed with the Kendas' in black-wall and they look stout which is what I want.

I am getting a bit ahead of myself on the Miyata as I'm really trying to finish off the Ritchey so I can get it listed this month,  I have just finished treating the rust spots on it's frame, naval jelly, and plan to apply a coat of wax this weekend.  Once the frame is shined up I can start the process of reassembly.

In theory I will have the Ritchey finished by the time I am starting my house/pet sitting gig and I can use the access to a garage space to get started on the Miyata.  Ride. Smile. Repeat.

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