Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bike Blitz Day 5 - finale

I had to have the garage cleaned up by about 6 pm today so wanted to get started by 9 am.  I decided to get new rubber on the Miyata rear wheel.

 And a comparison of the old tire (right) and new and yes just a bit

While I was on the Miyata I decided to swap out the brake pads, old dirty worn out dia-compes for new fresh dia-compes.

They are going to need some tweaking to set up but they should do a good job of arresting my forward motion.

You may remember the saga of my trying to get a front rack mounted to the Passage  since that didn't work I had a front rack laying around and now its on the Miyata.

I was able to use the stock hardware to mount the rack to the canti-posts but had to run to the hardware store for hardware to take care of mounting the rack tang to the fork - I really love ratcheting wrenches for working in tight spaces. I may need to do a bit of tweaking for brake clearance but I think it will work.

I am liking how the bike looks with the new rubber and I am looking forward to getting it ride-able.

I checked my mail and a the new saddle came for the Miyata, a Brooks Flyer.  I didn't get quite the deal I got on the Velo Orange sprung leather saddle but I did get a decent deal and I wanted something sprung for this bike.  Now all I need is the correct sized seat post, I have a few leads on that and am hoping to have an answer soon.

Do not try this at home! unless you're desperate according the BikeMan4u where I got the idea.  This is the way out of true rear wheel that was on the Passage.  I tried conventional truing with no luck, so I was looking something else and gave this a try.  Long story short I will be salvaging the free-wheel and rubber and buying a new rear wheel.  This fix is beyond my abilities and I figure the shop rate at the LBS is going to be equal or greater than just getting a new wheel.  No more mounting my bike cowboy style.  Fortunately I have the stock rear for the Passage that has been pressed into service and allowed me to ride hills with the Passage.

I should be working on the Mirage hubs today but my cleaning supplies including the sonic cleaner went back home yesterday -so since my cleaner and the hub parts are in two different places I cleaned up the rear wheel instead.

I applied some 3-n-1 to the spoke nipples so when I true the wheels I can (hopefully) avoid a frozen spoke situation.

I also addressed the dirty free wheel with a

A WD-40 bath and some rag work, might need a bit more but its an improvement on where I started.

Like the front wheel I am going backwards and I put new rubber on the rear wheel before addressing the hub.  I only put the wheels on the Mirage to make it easier to move, it still has a ways from being done.  I am kind of laughing at myself that I spent 5 days on bikes and did alot but I do not have even one complete bike to show for it.  My hands are beat up, my body aches and I don't think I will be doing any bike work tomorrow, but I might take a ride.

Lots of project to finish, until next time. Ride. Smile. Repeat.


  1. Loving these update posts. And I totally understand the backaches from working too long...get out for a nice ride! You deserve it.

    1. Thanks Annie, I was going to do that Sunday but rested instead so I think the ride is coming today

  2. They're all coming along nicely! Can't wait to read the first ride report on the Miyata.

    1. Thanks N/A I want to get the Miyata ready to a rail trail ride before the month is over.

  3. I agree with N/A, I like the looks of the Miyata. I know what you are saying about the hard work. I did two long days of demo on and old bathroom and went back to work on Monday with sore muscles. Not sure how our buddy tj gets along with that hard core construction he has gotten involved in again. Takes some ibuprofin to get the joints lubed up in the morning.

    1. Amen Jim, I am not sure how he does it either; muscle memory, warm humid Florida air keeping him loose, Rum, a rigid personal fitness regime?