Friday, July 14, 2017

Bike Blitz day 4

I was able to make more headway on the Mirage today, first up was getting the BB reinstalled with new bearings and grease.

I even had some help when my assistant wrench came for a visit.

The seat post had some surface rust so that got cleaned up.

I also got the fork and headset reinstalled, also with fresh bearings and grease.

There was a light bracket still attached to the stem that I removed.

I have a nicer set of Simplex shifters I was thinking of using as the stock ones have plastic levers but the metal set was for the downtube and appeared different enough that I couldn't just swap them over and I didn't feel like tackling a new mini project right now.  I cleaned up the stock shifters and greased them so they should work smoothly when I run the cables.

Next up was new shoes for the brakes.  I had purchased these for the junk bike project because one of the brake sets on that bike had this type of pad, since the junk bike was an epic fail I still had these available.

Ready for some improved braking and....

back on the bike and ready to be cabled up.  Both front and...

rear so the brakes are sorted.

The shifters mounted and the stem polished and greased the cockpit got installed as well.  The bar tape is cheap but in good shape so I am just going to leave it.

Once I got the crank arm cleaned up I could see the makers engraved label.

The drive side crank arm and chain-rings are back together.  Not the shiniest crank but much cleaner than when I started.

I put the Miyata in the work-stand, I got the plastic pedals off as I have some MKS sneaker pedals on the way and I am not a fan of plastic pedals even if they are original to the bike.

The cable housing on the Miyata is in good shape but a few of the cables themselves are frayed so at least the rear straddle cable and front brake cable are going to get swapped out.

I already have the new brake pads for the Miyata and as you can see from the front pads they really need replacing and based on the wear on the right pad they need some adjusting.

The last remnant of  a long gone bike computer got removed from the front wheel, you never know when you'll need a spare magnet. 

I got the rim cleaned up and I am way ahead of myself as the hub needs to be cleaned and rebuilt but I really wanted to see what the new tire would look like mounted and it looks  nice and meaty just as expected.

Turns out the ex and daughter are coming home early so the bike blitz will conclude tomorrow. Hoping to make some more progress on the Mirage.  Until next time Ride.Smile.Repeat.

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