Sunday, August 5, 2018

Allez ride and Dry dock

I spent the week hitting my snooze button instead of getting up to ride so I decided on Saturday I needed to get out on the bike, I had an errand to run and decided the Allez should get one more ride.

My local library is a Carnegie library and its about a 5 mile round trip from my house.  It was a pleasant day to be out on the bike.

 It was so nice that I meandered through the side streets on the way back rather than taking the main road.  There is allot to like about this bike and one in a 58 cm frame size will remain on my someday list but I just couldn't get the 56 to fit me right.

To ensure I wasn't tempted to ride it again I moved the seat post and saddle back to the Handsome Devil and took off the brake cables and housing to use on the Schwinn LeTour and the handlebars/Stem/brake lever combo will soon be needed for the Nishiki Cresta GT.

Ride what fits. Smile. Repeat.

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