Saturday, August 25, 2018

Cresta GT: Brake it down

When I ordered MKS Sneaker pedals last week, along with alot of other stuff for the Nishiki Cresta GT, I'd had nagging feeling I already had some, but a cursory inspection of the parts bin showed no pedals.  Then recently I took down a box that had the cockpit parts in it and inside that box was a box of Sneaker pedals I had ordered back in May.  Oh well, I really like them and one set can go on the Ibex.

I decided Friday night to fire up the sonic bath and tackle the brakes.  They were filthy, dirty not greasy but filthy none the less.  As if the last person to ride this bike had gone through a rainstorm and then but the bike away without a wipe down.

The brakes were so bad my hands got dirty just touching them!

A long soak in the sonic bath did wonders for the front brakes and they came out shiny and clean.

I was originally going to go with Dia-Compe brake pads since I had nearly a full set, but after the employment became more stable I decided I would use Kool Stops all around.

I ended the evening with front brakes mounted.

This morning I went through the same process for the rear brakes, they were just as filthy, and got them mounted as well.  I still need to run brake cable and housing, straddle cables, guides etc. but I am pleased the canti's are back on the bike with new pads.

Ride. Smile. Come to a controlled stop. Repeat.


  1. You can never have enough sneaker pedals! I too love the style, just wish they were a smidge larger, though I'd buy them again.

  2. I admit, this post got me curious about sonic baths, looked them up on ebay and they can be had quite cheap! Do you have a special model that you use/recommend, or if I pull the trigger on a random one that I see on ebay/amazon am I likely to be okay?

  3. I just got a $40 one on Amazon that had good reviews Ryan, I do find that if I add a few drops of dish soap or simple green that helps, as does wiping down really greasy parts before the sonic bath. I go for 3 or 4 sessions of 480 seconds and that seems to do the trick with just a bit of wipe down of the parts when you take them out. A chain ring will one fit about 3/5ths of the way but almost all the other stuff goes in fine. YMMV.