Sunday, August 5, 2018

Motobecane Grand Touring rebuild finish and test ride.

When we left off with the Moto_GT I was starting in on the rear wheel incluing this rusty skewer.

A bit of work with the Dremel and a brass wire brush got the rust taken care of.

And after some fresh grease and new ball bearings it was ready for the spoke protector and free wheel.

The rim strip was a causality of the shop when they needed to replace the broken spoke.

I fortunately had a few in stock so a new one was no problem.

And then the wheel was reshod with Panaracer Pasela's and ready to go back on the bike.

Now it's starting to look like a bike again and in the home stretch.


Derailleur cable and housing.

Brake cables and we're done!  It took me 3 months to get from start to finish, which seems like too long but that's life I guess and the good news is it's done.

I think it turned out well, for being about 3 years overdo for an overhaul that is.

I think the red derailleur cable and of course the brooks leather saddle add a touch of class.

I took a ride to the farmers market as my first shake down cruise.

On my way to the market I was passed by a young lady on a Miyata and when I caught up at bike parking I complemented her on her nice 710, not crazy about the bullhorn bars but Miyata's ride nice.

First take is it rides nice and certainly shifts smoother that it was before the overhaul and it brakes just fine.  There is a noise coming from the rear I need to figure out. might just be the Pannier or a too long chain.  I will probably need to tweak the saddle height and position.  I am not crazy about the imperfect fit of the brake levers and hoods but do like that there are no more safety lever stubs sticking out of cracked hoods and its certainly clean and shiny.  I am looking forward to some longer rides to dial it in and test the smaller inside 38t ring on some actual hills.

Next up, the Nishiki Cresta GT.

Ride French Steel. Smile. Repeat.

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