Saturday, August 18, 2018

Farewell VeloCult

I've mentioned before that one of my favorite places to visit when in Portland, Or is the VeloCult bike shop.  Cool old steel, craft beer, occasional live music, a welcoming vibe, what's not to like?  And it doesn't hurt they're only about 6 blocks from my friends place.  Due to a variety of factors; rent, too big of a space, additional alcohol regulations and fees etc they have decided to close and move their main business online.  They had a party a couple weeks ago but I was unable to attend.

Then I heard they were going to host the Oregon Hand built bike show (OHBS) on the 18th and the stars aligned for me to do a one day trip down to Portland to say farewell and see some cool steel bikes.

For the $10 purchase of a pint glass I got my beer for free, a better deal than I get at the ball park and I can always use another pint glass.  I didn't end of staying all that long, I really don't like wakes and this was what it felt like for me.  I did ogle some nice frames though.

A VC branded road bike by Mark Nobilette.

Sharp orange build from Strawberry Cycles who've been in Portland since 1971.

A cool city bike by Jeffery Bock of Iowa, the paint and pin striping on this bike was amazing.  I didn't get enough pictures, but you can see more here.

Another city bike from Mahall Bikeworks in the Tri-Cities.  Not my color but the lugs were lovely.

Farewell VeloCult, I am going to miss your brick and mortar presence.

Ride. Admire two wheeled art. Smile. Repeat


  1. Too bad, the closing, and too bad, too, no call! I could have met you for A Wake IPA!

    1. Sorry Joe I was in Portland for about 2 hours tops, I'll come back and we can have a proper beer ;-). Surprised you didn't come to see the M's Dodgers series with about a 100,000 other Dodger fans

  2. Looks like I just missed you. My partner and I went there for Velow Cult's showcase since we already had travel arrangements to Portland for the OHBS that ended up being cancelled.

    1. I was in and out pretty quick at the start but it appeared from other blogs that it filled up as the day went on which was nice to see.