Sunday, August 12, 2018

Return of the Handsome Devil and accessing the Nishiki rebuild

The Handsome Devil has been out of commission for over two months since I stole its saddle and seat post to see if I could make the Allez fit better.  Since I decommissioned the Allez this week I restored the saddle and seat post to the HD and decided it would get the tap for Sunday market duty.

When I got the market and was putting things in the Pannier I realized I had also cannibalized bolts to mount a rack on the Allez.   I thought I'd need to swing by the hardware store on the way home, but...

I had some bottle cage bolts that weren't doing anything, so I got one screwed into a rack mount so I wouldn't have any slippage, dodged a bullet on the way to the market not to have it slip back.

After a Revision IPA and a Devils teeth nitro pour stout, it was time to run a few errands and head home.

After parking the HD I noticed the saddle looked a bit dull so I got out the Obenauf's to give it some love.  Felt good to be back on the HD again.

1987 Nishiki Cresta GT

I had been doing some thinking about the Cresta GT this week and wondering if I had ordered everything I would need for the rebuild.  After I took stock (above) I realized I needed some stuff.

From Amazon I ordered:

  • Deda Elementi Bar tape, perforated- in Red, to match the cable housing.  I was going to use some Cinelli yellow tape but decided to go with red.
  • MKS Sneaker pedals, thought I had ordered them but I seem to recall I was going to use rat traps to start.  The sneakers will find a home somewhere even its not on this build so I ordered them.
  • A second set of Kool Stop canti brake pads.  I had ordered just one to keep costs down but decided with a slightly better employment picture currently to go all in.
  • Crane Suzue brass lever bell.  I find when I am on a bike without a bell I miss having one

I would like to wax the frame and fork so I can get started on building this bike up, but before that I had to go at it with Armor-all wipes to be sure it was nice and clean, even the cable guides and the stainless steel chain stay guard.  I think the frame paint is pretty good and will probably go straight to Carnauba wax, but the fork has some yellowing on the white paint so it will get some paint cleaner first.

My goal is to have it done by the end of August, we'll see how that goes.



  1. You are prepping this to be a sweet bike!!

    1. Yes I want to do it right I have high hopes for fit and ride on this bike.