Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cresta GT: Frame work

I started the frame work with some rust inhibitor, sprayed along the inside of the tubes, and then I let the frame dry for the rest of the morning.

And then it was on to the Carnauba  wax.

Its tough to get an overall shot of a waxed frame so I took shots of the decals after waxing.  Cresta GT logo.

Head tube decal.

Down tube decal with touring series in green.

Kawamura decal.

Tange 2 frame decal.

Fork Tange decal.

I also got a few goodies to complete the list, red bar tape and the MKS sneaker pedals.  Now that the frame and fork are waxed I am hoping to get the headset and bottom bracket mounted so I will have a platform to start hanging stuff off of.

Ride. Smile. Repeat.

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