Saturday, August 11, 2018

Clunker Challenge ride: Alki Beach Sub Pop 30th anniversary Concert

I don't normally seek out big crowds and Sub Pop records throwing a giant free outdoor concert on nearby Alki beach to celebrate their 30th anniversary was certainly expected to draw thousands.  My favorite coffee shop, however, had a pop up booth so I thought I'd go support them and it would be a good excuse for a bike ride to avoid the driving and parking hassles. And where their are outdoor concerts, there are beer gardens...

I parked Barney in front of the Elementary school my daughter attended, not realizing that a (long) stones throw away one of my other favorite places was doing its bit..

Bike Works was using the tennis courts as a bike corral, I would have used them and dropped a few bucks but I had already parked. So I sought out C&P, got an Italian soda and chatted with the staff for a bit.

I wandered down to the beach and as expected it was pretty crowded and there was a line about 1/2 block long to get into the beer garden on the sand.

Fortunately, I got a pro tip from one of my barista friends that the beer garden in the kids stage area was nearly empty.  Bouncy houses for kids, beer garden for the parents, whats not to like?  I picked up a street taco on the way and settled in with an IPA, gotta persevere my clunker challenge ride theme right?

I was able to ride side streets and alleys to get around the crowds and got some shots of the threatening sky and the skyline on my way home.  It's been a dry summer and the sky's been pretty hazy with all the smoke from the California wildfires so I didn't mind a few sprinkles.

I made it up Avalon again, grinding it out and keeping my head down.  I had sealed my fate when I lent my daughter my bus pass this morning so multi-modal was off the table.  This hill keeps reminding me I need to lose bushels of pounds.

I am up to 68 Kms on the Ibex so just about 3/4 of the way through the challenge with not quite 2 months to go.

Ride. Smile. Visit beer gardens. Repeat.

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